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Navigating Legal Abuse with Expert Lisa Johnson

When you find yourself stuck in the messy situation of a divorce, especially one that feels like an all-out war, it can be incredibly helpful to have someone experienced guide you through it. That’s exactly what Lisa Johnson brings to the table in this fascinating podcast episode. Lisa is a parenting strategist who specializes in high-conflict situations, and she’s an expert on the troubling issue of legal abuse. After going through her own nightmarish divorce, Lisa took her hard-earned lessons and turned them into a mission to help others survive these types of brutal battles.


Lisa Johnson: From Personal Struggle to Expertise

Lisa’s deep understanding of legal abuse began with her own personal struggle through a divorce that was long, expensive, and emotionally devastating. During those incredibly tough years in and out of court, Lisa was forced to learn all the ins and outs of the legal system and how an ex-spouse can misuse it against you. While it was an immensely difficult experience, Lisa emerged from it with a wealth of crucial knowledge and skills that she now utilizes to guide others facing similar high-conflict situations.

Defining Legal Abuse

So what exactly is legal abuse? In simple terms, it’s when one person repeatedly takes advantage of the legal system as a way to emotionally drain and financially cripple the other person. It’s a manipulative tactic used by someone aiming to essentially bully or batter their ex through a stream of legal motions, hearings, and drawn-out court cases.

Lisa and her partner Chris, who also went through a hellish high-conflict divorce himself, now run support systems to educate people on how to recognize legal abuse and handle it effectively. Through group meetings and one-on-one coaching, they share the proven insights they’ve collected from their own personal court battles.

Lisa’s Advice on Handling High-Conflict Divorce

In the podcast, Lisa talks about how critical it is to first understand exactly what legal abuse entails and learn to identify the red flags that it may be happening to you. Her unique approach blends the instructional abilities she developed working as an educator with the real-life courtroom experience she gained fighting her own case.

Lisa points out that legal abuse typically arises in two main ways:

  1. Vexatious Litigation: This refers to situations where the other person keeps initiating unnecessary legal actions and court motions over and over, not because they truly have a valid case, but just as a way to endlessly drag you into court and make you spend money on legal fees. It’s a war of financial attrition.
  2. Non-compliance with Court Orders: In this scenario, the other person simply refuses to follow through on what the court has ordered, especially when it comes to things like financial requirements and custody agreements. By not complying, they continuously force you to take them back to court at your own expense to enforce the orders.

Either way, the goal is to try to drain your resources, consume your time and mental energy, and ultimately wear you down into a disadvantageous settlement.

Empowering Others Through Education and Strategy

However, Lisa and Chris’s work goes far beyond simply explaining legal tactics. They also provide guidance on how to mentally and emotionally cope with the high-stress realities of a hostile divorce. This includes practical advice on dealing with difficult personal dynamics, handling tension-filled court appearances, and maintaining stability for your children throughout it all.

Their core philosophy is that by truly understanding how this type of legal abuse works and developing strategies to combat it, you can significantly reduce the toll it takes on your life. With knowledge and the right mindset, it becomes much more manageable.

Resources and Support

To share her wealth of hard-earned wisdom, Lisa has co-authored a book titled “Been There, Got Out: Toxic Relationships, High Conflict Divorce, and How to Stay Sane under Insane Circumstances.” The book is a reassuring point of reference for anyone feeling trapped in a cycle of legal abuse.

Lisa is also currently working on an upcoming second book that will dive even deeper into tactics for rising above these situations victoriously. Her ultimate goal is to make sure no one has to endure the same struggles she went through alone and uninformed.


Lisa Johnson’s dedication to guiding people through the chaos and turmoil of high-conflict divorces is truly inspirational. After going through her own personal hell, Lisa took the lessons she learned and turned them into a powerful resource. Her insights and support systems offer a lifeline to anyone feeling trapped by an ex-spouse’s endless legal maneuverings.

Whether you attend one of her group meetings, read her books, or receive personal coaching from Lisa, she can provide the strategies and emotional fortitude you need to endure this difficult chapter and ultimately move forward.

Remember, a high-conflict divorce or custody issue can push you to your limits, but with the right navigator showing you the way, you can get through it stronger than ever before. Experts like Lisa are living proof that you can survive legal abuse and come out the other side.

Explore More with Lisa Johnson

No one should have to take on the challenge of a hostile divorce alone. If you found Lisa’s insights helpful and are seeking more guidance or want to connect, here are several ways to engage with her and access further resources:

  • Follow Lisa and her team for updates and insights on Instagram
  • Watch detailed discussions and advice on YouTube
  • Listen to in-depth episodes on various topics at Been There Got Out Podcast
  • Join the community for support and shared stories on Facebook
  • Check out quick tips and engaging content on TikTok
  • Connect professionally and follow their updates on LinkedIn
  • Find visual inspirations and informational pins on Pinterest
  • Get the latest tweets and interactions on Twitter
  • For direct inquiries, visit their website BeenThereGotOut.com or reach out through any of their social media platforms.
  • Interested in deeper learning? Check out Lisa’s book available on Amazon.

By engaging with these resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate the complexities of legal abuse and high-conflict relationships effectively.

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