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Billie Tarascio

Modern Law Founder

When I was 19 my parents went through a divorce. I hadn’t seen it coming, especially as the drama of the divorce and the resulting custody battle unfolded. My brothers and I were heartbroken. Our worlds were completely rocked.

At the time, I was all too aware of the role my parents’ attorneys played during this life changing transition for all of us. Their divorce changed the course of my life. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be a family law attorney.

What we do as family law attorneys affects people’s lives, and the lives of their children for decades and I absolutely love it.

Journey to Family Law

After I graduated from Law School from the University of Oregon in 2005, I started seeing what many lawyers see. Most of the people who needed our help couldn’t afford attorneys and lawyers needed more work. In 2008, I went out on my own in search of a better way of doing things for attorneys and clients alike. My primary goal was to lower the cost of legal services for clients, and reduce accounts receivables for the firm.

Favorite Types of Cases

Billie’s favorite types of cases involve complex custody and property division issues. Where some attorneys would prefer to fight easier battles, Billie enjoys the challenge of investigating, fully understanding and conquering the more intricate cases; showing clients who may have thought they’ve lost everything that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Education and Experience

Billie graduated the University of Oregon School of Law in 2005. She worked at the Department of Justice, Family Law Division, the non-profit A Family for Every Child and clerked at the Lane County Juvenile Court under Justice Kip Leonard. She practices exclusively in divorce and family law in Arizona. Billie is a skilled practitioner, national speaker, law firm business consultant and an honored attorney. She is also the author of Decode Your Divorce and a co author of Tiger Tactics, Powerful Strategies for Winning Attorneys.

Why Clients Love Billie:

“I don’t know where to begin with how grateful I am to Billie and her team at Modern Law. From the online self help articles, and videos to the unbelievably empathetic and emotionally intelligent individuals she has working with her. I reached out to Modern Law at the worst time of my life and within minutes of speaking with Billie I felt a sense of relief that I was going to finally be ok. She listened intently with care and understanding, I had watched many of her videos and it was exactly like what I expected. She then connected me with a team that has been diligent and working for my family, not just me but for everyone involved. They are working to help me find solutions, instead of fighting with the other party which will get you no where. Bottom line best Law Team in valley, and likely the US! Please do yourself a favor and hire them, it is worth every dollar. Your emotional health and time are priceless. God bless all of you at Modern Law, may blessing continue to come your way for what you’re doing for me and so many others.”

Billie Tarascio

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