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Hannah Nobles


Modern Law’s latest addition, bringing a vibrant mix of passion, empathy, and legal acumen to the team. Hannah Nobles is not just a lawyer; she’s a family person at heart, a Suns basketball enthusiast, and a seeker of new experiences, whether it’s through the lens of a TV show, the excitement of video games, or the flavors of new restaurants.

Educational Excellence – Hannah’s journey in law began at the University of Mississippi, where she not only earned her Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Political Science in 2019 but also her Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude, in 2022. Her academic achievements set the stage for a promising career in law, marked by dedication and a keen understanding of the legal landscape.

A Foundation in Family Law – Before joining Modern Law, Hannah honed her skills at the DuMond Law Firm in Phoenix, diving into a variety of cases and gaining invaluable courtroom experience. While working in family law, she’s developed a unique approach that balances professionalism with profound empathy, understanding the delicate nature of her clients’ situations.

Empathy at the Core – Hannah believes in the power of empathy to build trust and strengthen client relationships. Her approach is about blending legal strategy with genuine care, ensuring clients feel supported, respected, and understood throughout their legal journey.

Staying Ahead in Family Law – Committed to excellence, Hannah continuously updates her knowledge through continuing legal education and staying abreast of the latest developments in Arizona’s family law procedures. This dedication ensures she brings the most current and effective strategies to her clients’ cases.

Beyond the Courtroom –Hannah sees herself someday working for change through political efforts, reflecting her passion for advocacy and community service. Her desire for justice is what supports her work as a trusted, judgment-free partner, working together towards a common goal. Hannah finds particular fulfillment in handling dissolution cases involving minor children, aiming to ensure the best outcomes for both parents and children. Her ideal clients are those who prioritize their family’s well-being, even at personal costs.

Inspired by Fiction and Reality – From the courtroom of To Kill a Mockingbird to the resilience of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Hannah draws inspiration from characters who challenge the status quo, mirroring her own journey in law.

Driven by Personal Experience – Hannah’s choice to specialize in family law is deeply personal. Witnessing her parents’ divorce during her first year of law school, she experienced the complexities of family law firsthand. This personal journey has not only shaped her professional path but also fueled her commitment to helping families navigate their most challenging times with compassion and expertise.



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