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Peoria Separation Agreements

Peoria Separation Agreements Lawyer

Anyone who is considering legal separation should talk to a Peoria separation agreements lawyer before signing or agreeing to anything. Once an agreement is signed, it becomes legally binding and could end up being used against you later on down the road. The laws are technical so it’s always best to have a professional on your side.

When married couples choose to separate before they get divorced (or as a means to try to fix things), they have the option to draft a separation agreement that will outline the terms of the split. There are several benefits to these agreements and each couple has their own reasons for deciding to create them. However, they also have to meet certain criteria to be enforceable and they come with a lot of legal hurdles.

If you’re dealing with a legal separation in Arizona, a Peoria separation agreements lawyer can deliver the assistance and support that you need. Modern Law has years of experience in Arizona marital and family law matters and we can make the process easy, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits of a Separation Agreement?

Couples who choose legal separation will be able to draft an agreement that spells out the terms of their time apart. This alone gives people more control in a situation where a lot feels out of their control already. Separation helps people keep health insurance benefits and may also include alimony or spousal support payments so that one spouse can continue their standard of living once they’re living apart.

A separation agreement makes sure that everyone is on the same page. These documents can be created by the spouses on their own, but they need to be legally binding. You can’t call a few notes on a piece of paper an ‘agreement,’ after all.

Separation agreements allow couples to work through their issues and negotiate terms that work for both of them, as well. This means that things aren’t left up to the courts if you decide to pursue a legal separation from your spouse.

Mediation vs. Court

When drafting the terms of a legal separation into an agreement, some couples can do it amicably with the help of their Peoria separation agreements lawyers. Others may be mostly agreeable but could use some assistance. In that case, mediation for separation agreements and legal separation could come in handy. Mediation involves enlisting the help of a neutral third party (appointed by the courts) to help the parties come to agreements on various issues in the separation.

Mediation is a great way to avoid court. It also helps people maintain more control. Plus, it’s a private, quiet process that isn’t nearly as sensational or potentially anxiety-inducing as an all-out court battle. Sometimes, courts will order couples into mediation to resolve issues surrounding child support and parenting agreements, financial matters, and other parts of their separation or divorce.

Going to court means that you are leaving everything up to the judge. When you create a separation agreement, a judge could still take one look at it and toss it aside. Your input is appreciated, but there are no laws stating that your terms will be approved as they are written. Plus, the fact that you had to come to court to work it out in the first place makes the judge more skeptical and could draw out the process.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

For many people who are just now learning about this process, it can be difficult to understand the exact differences between legal separation and an actual divorce. The biggest difference, of course, is that you’re still married with a separation. A divorce ends the marriage for good. Legal separation allows people to outline agreeable terms for their separation and ensure they still get health benefits, pension or social security funds, and so forth.

In some instances, legal separation is a stepping stone to divorce. In other cases, it’s a way that people try to resolve their issues and fix their relationship so that they don’t end up getting divorced. Divorce is final. It means the marriage is over and you can both go on to marry other people. A separation agreement just means that you’re taking a minute to reassess and go from there.

What If There’s a Dispute?

Many couples worry that they will attempt to create a separation agreement only to find out that they can’t agree on any of the terms. After all, if people could agree and get along, they probably wouldn’t be splitting up. It is always best if both parties are in agreement with the separation and the terms of the arrangement. That way, there will be no room for the courts to question whether one spouse is being coerced or if the agreement was forcibly signed.

The best way to avoid disputes and distrust is to go into the legal separation process with an open mind and trust it to work as it has over the years for many people. Always try to resolve things simply before you escalate the situation or have to call in an expert because you can’t agree. That will not only help you communicate better, but it will help you avoid the huge expense of a drawn-out court battle.

Contact Modern Law for Separation Agreement Assistance and More

The team at Modern Law understands how important it is for you to get the best agreement terms for your separation, no matter what the circumstances of your case may be. Although these documents are pretty straightforward, they also involve the law and therefore, will be best executed with a Peoria separation agreements lawyer who can assist you in making sure the terms are binding and that the result is fair to both parties.

Contact the experienced separation agreement lawyers at Modern Law today and find out how we can help you get through the process of legal separation. Our team of experienced lawyers won’t stop until we get the outcome that you deserve.

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