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Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal maintenance is sometimes awarded or agreed to as part of a divorce when one party cannot support themselves without the help of the other, or some other equitable reason exists as to why one spouse should pay the other on a monthly basis. In some states, spousal support is referred to as alimony, and in Mesa, there are five ways a spouse can be eligible to receive spousal maintenance.

Only if you qualify under one of the five eligibility factors for spousal maintenance will a judge then look to how much and for how long someone should receive support. Local judges look at many different factors to determine an appropriate support amount, but the disparity in income is perhaps the most important. Once eligibility is determined, the question of how much maintenance should be paid depends on how much the recipient needs and how much the payor can afford to pay.

If you need help asserting your need for financial support from your former spouse, consider reaching out to one of our dedicated family attorneys. A Mesa spousal support lawyer could help determine your eligibility and analyze your financials to strategize how to maximize your potential support.

Qualifying for Spousal Maintenance

To qualify for spousal support in Mesa, you should know that the local family court, located at 222 N. Javelina Dr, will look at whether you can support yourself through your income or property, whether you contributed to the educational opportunities or the career of your spouse to your own detriment, the duration of marriage, and the possibility of becoming gainfully employed.

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Once qualification is established to determine the amount and duration of maintenance, the court will look at about a dozen factors. This can include a disparity in incomes, the lifestyle during the marriage, the spouses’ ages, the length of their marriage, and more.

For example, if a party’s age makes it difficult for them to find a job or if they’re still in college trying to earn a degree, they may be eligible for alimony from their former spouse. Getting the support you need following a divorce can be made easier with the help of a Mesa spousal maintenance attorney from our firm.

Advice for Paying or Obtaining Alimony

Depending on the situation, spousal support can be paid directly from the payor to the receiving spouse. It is imperative to keep track of payments, so you should use personal or cashier’s checks. You can also make payments through the clearinghouse, which keeps track of payments for you so the other person can’t claim that they did not receive support.

Many issues can come up in spousal support cases because they involve the sensitive subject of money during divorce. We will look at your financial situation and the facts relevant to your specific circumstances when giving advice on your eligibility for and the value of spousal support.

Frequency of Spousal Maintenance Cases in Mesa

Spousal support cases regularly arise in Mesa and are often bundled with child support issues or property matters. Many parties have agreements in which one person stays home to take care of their children or the home itself. This can create a disparity of income when the parties split up, and spousal maintenance can help offset the harm done to the person who did not make the most money and cannot support himself or herself through employment.

Though spousal support is not always easy to obtain, our firm will work with you to get you the help you need. An alimony lawyer in Mesa could help make this process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

Call a Mesa Spousal Support Attorney Today

It is essential to work with an attorney when trying to obtain spousal support because the issues are based on statutes and the judge’s opinion. Alimony awards are getting harder to get and smaller in amount. One judge may rule one way while another may rule differently.

A Mesa spousal support lawyer could help look at eligibility as well as help you determine how much spousal maintenance to request. Call us today to learn more about we could help you reach your desired outcome.