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Shalet Mozena


A natural observer and caretaker for those who have been through traumatic experiences, Shalet understands how to navigate a toxic situation. Born and raised in Phoenix, she grew up in a split home that allowed her to grow with a full understanding of separated families. The plight of the average relationship, is something she has spent years examining.

Journey to Family Law

Shalet has been helping families like yours with their family law cases for over 9 years. Through her own personal experiences, she’s collected the shield of courage that helps to protect her clients from any further abuse or mistreatment. With a passion for helping others through situations she has been in herself, she fearlessly fights for her clients with a combination of steadfast optimism and rational thinking. Her clients always know what to expect and where they are at in their cases.

Favorite Types of Cases

Taking note of the emotions of her clients, her sixth sense of awareness is one of her most valuable assets. Her relatability with clients allows them to feel comfortable sharing information that may be hard to process and express.

Education and Experience

Gurstel Law Firm, P.C., fka, Gurstel Chargo, PA, Scottsdale, Arizona – October 2012 –November 2014

Legal Admin

Law Office of Jennifer Wiedle, PLLC, Phoenix, Arizona – November 2014 –August 2016

Office Manager/Legal Admin

Ogborne Law, PLC, Scottsdale, Arizona – September 2016 –2021

Paralegal/Office Manager

Why Clients Love Shalet:

“Shalet has been one of the most helpful advocates I’ve not only had, but seen in my years of dealing with family law issues. She was able to help me by being someone who I could trust, who I could look in the eyes and know she cared. I recommend her to anyone who is going through a messy family law issue and also needs a friend.”

Shalet Middleton

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