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Kylie Bigelow

Managing Attorney

Kylie is an attorney who has time and time again been able to turn a disastrous case into a win for her clients. As an example, she recently helped a client go from never seeing her daughter to having her daughter full time! In another case, she successfully argued that her client’s $3,000 temporary spousal maintenance was too high and in a final decree, obtained an order of just $500 per month for 12 months. She has also secured more successful relocation cases than any other attorney in the firm!

Journey to Family Law

Prior to joining Modern Law, Kylie worked in consumer law and government relations. Since joining the firm, Kylie has practiced exclusively on family law cases, including, divorce litigation, custody issues, modification and enforcement actions, adoptions, guardianships, third party rights, and terminations.

Favorite Types of Cases

Do you have a messy, complicated, and high stakes custody case? Those are Kylie’s favorite. Out of all of the types of family law, Kylie loves to get into the details and trenches surrounding child custody issues and emergency orders. She works with her clients through issues including drugs, alcohol, abuse, CPS involvement (DCS), criminal charges and more. Interested in learning more about Kylie? Watch our webinar where she and Modern Law owner, Billie Tarascio, discuss “Challenging Custody Presumptions in Court” to offer support to our divorce community as well as CLE opportunities for attending attorneys.

Education and Experience

Doctor of Law (J.D.), Law 

University of Arizona 2007 -2011
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Political Science and Government 


Kylie Bigelow Podcast


Why Clients Love Kylie:

“The team that worked with me was absolutely amazing! Kylie and Stephanie did an amazing job helping me with everything that I needed! They kept me up to date on everything that I needed to know! They also all seemed to genuinely care! Thank you ALL so much for everything!”

Kylie Bigelow

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