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Lungi Gantsho

Client Advocate

Lungi Gantsho is a dedicated Client Advocate for Modern Law with a unique journey, bringing empathy and understanding to her role helping those who are often making their first contact with Modern Law. She is one of the first to help clients determining their direction in family law.

Lungi’s start with with the law team began in early 2022 after several years of client service experience. But it was her formative experience as a 13-year-old caught in the drama of her parent’s difficult divorce that helped her develop her skills connecting with clients at Modern Law. She understands that no one is calling Modern Law unless something traumatic is going on.

Lungi, who hails from South Africa, was initially concerned that her own family’s ordeal might hinder her ability to sympathize with clients in distress. As it turned out, the opposite was true.

A Life-Changing Event: Triumph Over Cancer

In 2019, Lungi faced a life-changing event when she battled and triumphed over cancer. During her two-year journey, alternating between hospital visits and pursuing her studies, she discovered that her physical challenges prompted personal growth she was not expecting. Before her diagnosis, she admits to stubbornly avoiding assistance from others because she was afraid of becoming a burden. However, this life-threatening experience transformed her perspective. It taught her the value of sharing her problems, working collaboratively with others, and improving her communication skills. Lungi now lives by the mantra of gratitude, cherishing each day with a profound sense of appreciation.

Because of that, Lungi looks forward to time with her family, indulging in reading, exploring a little recreational shopping, and figuring out where her next travels will take her. A curious heart, she dabbles in learning about new topics that may seem irrelevant to others, ranging from the origins of pasta to the particulars of skincare routines.

A Superpower: Curiosity and Problem-Solving

Lungi’s professional superpower lies in her insatiable curiosity. She possesses an innate drive to understand the “why” and “how” of things. This curiosity fuels her ability to ask insightful questions and, in turn, makes her an adept problem solver. Her inquisitiveness not only makes her a risk-taker but also enhances her capacity to observe behavioral changes and adapt to new situations.

Educational Background and Achievements

Lungi’s educational journey is marked by her dedication to learning and achievement:

  • Bachelor of Administration with a major in Political Science from Nelson Mandela University
  • Honors in Administration with a major in Governance from Nelson Mandela University

At Modern Law, we love Lungi Gantsho’s unique blend of empathy, curiosity, and resilience. It makes her an exceptional Client Advocate for the family law team and a first responder for clients seeking support in their family law journey.

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