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Tamara Apodaca


Tamara Apodaca stands out as a dedicated professional in the field of family law, bringing a unique blend of personal experience, legal expertise, and a deep commitment to her clients at Modern Law. Her background and approach to family law highlight her as not just an advocate, but a compassionate ally to those navigating the complexities of family court.

Educational and Professional Background

Tamara holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science, a Paralegal Certificate, and is a Certified Legal Document Preparer (LDP) and Notary. This solid educational foundation has equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to help clients in family law, where she has dedicated the past nine years of her career.

A Personal Connection to Family Law

Tamara’s choice to specialize in family law is deeply rooted in her own life experiences. Growing up with divorced parents and witnessing the positive impact of her stepdad’s adoption, Tamara has seen firsthand the spectrum of emotions and outcomes associated with family law cases. This personal background fuels her passion for helping children and families navigate their legal challenges, emphasizing the potential for positive changes that family law can facilitate, such as adoption.

A Commitment to Client Empathy and Professionalism

Understanding that every individual handles life’s challenges differently, Tamara approaches her clients with both empathy and professionalism. She prioritizes being a supportive listener while maintaining the professional distance needed to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Tamara’s ability to balance these aspects has made her a valued member of the Modern Law team and a trusted advocate for her clients.

Staying Ahead in the Field

To ensure she provides the most current and effective legal advice, Tamara subscribes to various services that keep her updated on legal developments. This commitment to ongoing education allows her to apply the latest knowledge to benefit her clients, particularly in dynamic cases involving consent decrees and modifications for parenting time.

Vision for Client Relations

Above all, Tamara wants her clients to know she backs them up and has their interests at heart. She is driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference in her clients’ lives, especially when working on cases that involve increasing parenting time for reunification purposes. Tamara’s ultimate goal is for her clients to feel supported and confident in her abilities to represent and guide them through their legal journeys.

Her dedication to her clients, combined with her personal understanding of the challenges they face, makes her an invaluable asset to the firm and to the families she serves.

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