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Phoenix Family Law

Phoenix Family Lawyer

Some people say divorce is the worst thing they’ve ever gone through. People in your circle take sides, you lose your support systems, and suddenly you have to rebuild a life when you’re at your lowest. You need a Phoenix family law attorney to take care of the messy and complicated legal matters.

If your split is simple and there are no children to take care of or property to split, then it’s possible you can work directly with one of our legal document preparers on the Modern Law team to draw up your paperwork without having to pay an attorney.

But for others, suffering through the divorce process without an attorney is more than they can handle. Your Phoenix attorney from Modern Law can help you get through it in the most cost-effective way, and still be ready to go to battle for you if that’s needed.

A family law attorney who listens and acts

The emotional side to this is something we understand. You’re suffering. You cannot do this alone. You need a mediator in all aspects and your Phoenix Modern Law family law attorney know exactly the steps to take to deal with the process in front of you. We will review all the factors in your situation with you and create the best strategy to get you through it. Did you support your ex while they were building a business? Were your needs set aside as the career of your ex moved up? Are there properties or funds that you received from a family member that don’t belong to the marriage community property? This is a situation where, without an experienced lawyer, you could come out of a divorce without what belongs to you.

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your phoenix attorney will stand up for you

When young children are a concern in a divorce, a parenting plan that works best for the both of you may need some expertise to draw up. It’s hard to get an agreement when each spouse is angry and hurt, and an attorney can suggest ways to manage the children’s needs without starting an argument. Protecting your children is something we’ve done successfully so we can draw on other success strategies and give you options. As custody issues are worked out, a good parenting plan can establish dependable boundaries between you and allow each of you to parent in your own style. Verbal agreements have a way of disappearing, but a solid parenting plan that’s part of your divorce will protect you and the children so you can move on.

You need someone to rely on when it’s needed

Once the dissolution is finished and you’re off to a new life, there may be situations when you need to revisit issues like support, parenting time, or children’s needs. With Modern Law, our relationship means we can step in and help when you need it, particularly when it comes to modifications or enforcements. We’re only a phone call or text away.