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Laura Chapman


Laura Chapman brings to clients at Modern Law a strong mix of legal experience and a deep commitment to family law. Her journey, marked by significant roles across various law firms, illustrates her dedication to providing compassionate legal representation with an adeptness at navigating the complexities of family law.

Legal Background and Experience – Laura’s legal career began at Arizona Family Law Attorneys under the mentorship of Shawnna Riggers, where she learned to manage cases from start to finish. Her journey continued as she sought to build a business partnership which lead to a realization that she preferred focusing on legal work, rather than managing a business. Laura’s path took her to the Alongi Law Firm, under Tom Alongi, a former professor and mentor, where she embraced the flexibility of remote work. Eventually, seeking a more fulfilling caseload, she joined Dodge and Vega, appreciating the balance between workload and the ability to help clients extensively. Laura’s move to Modern Law was driven by the desire for a role that aligns with her professional values and offers the flexibility she cherishes.

A Decade of Family Law Expertise – With nearly nine years of practicing family law and over 11 years in the field, Laura has tackled a wide range of cases, from challenging relocations to advocating for child safety and navigating grandparent visitation rights. Her ability to see both sides of a case is a testament to her comprehensive approach to litigation, settlement, and case strategy.

Personal Journey into Family Law – Laura’s entry into family law was inspired by her own experiences navigating family court during her separation. This personal journey, coupled with her desire to assist others through similar challenges, has fueled her passion for the field. Her belief in settlement and collaboration is the cornerstone of her case planning, always with a view to finding the best outcome for all involved.

Empathy and Professionalism – Laura approaches her clients with compassion, recognizing the emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce and family disputes. She advocates for external support for her clients, ensuring they have the emotional tools needed to navigate their legal journey, while also maintaining a professional focus on their legal needs.

Commitment to Continuous Learning – Staying abreast of the latest developments in family law is crucial for Laura. She engages with opinion notifications, reads juvenile cases for their potential relevance to family law, and participates in CLEs focused on new legal changes, ensuring her clients benefit from the most current legal strategies.

A Vision for Client Representation – Laura aims for her clients to see her as both knowledgeable and deeply caring about their cases. She strives to instill confidence in her clients regarding her ability to advocate for them effectively in court.

Unique Cases and Courtroom Experiences – From representing a mother in a complex case involving multiple biological fathers to memorable courtroom and attorney general office encounters, Laura’s career has been filled with unique challenges and moments that underscore the unpredictable nature of family law.

Advocacy for Positive Change – Laura envisions a law that would enforce stronger repercussions for disparaging the other parent, a common concern among her clients. She believes that such a law could significantly reduce unnecessary conflict and encourage compliance.

Laura Chapman brings Modern Law clients a blend of empathetic client care, seasoned legal expertise, and a forward-thinking approach to family law. Her journey reflects a deep understanding of the field’s challenges and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those she represents.


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Laura Chapman

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