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Lauren McAlpin


Lauren McAlpin is an accomplished divorce and family law attorney, known for her sensitivity, people skills, and unwavering commitment to helping clients navigate challenging times. This dedication has been recognized nationally, earning her spots on prestigious lists such as Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2022 and the National Black Lawyers Top 40 Under 40.

Lauren completed her Juris Doctorate from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School in 2013, graduating Cum Laude. Her educational journey began in her home state of Kentucky at the University of Kentucky, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

After a few years off, Lauren relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to kickstart her legal career, initially practicing as an entertainment attorney. However, it wasn’t long before she developed a fascination for family law’s intricate workings, particularly as they intertwined with her entertainment and sports clientele.

After nearly a decade of practicing law, half of which was spent specializing in family law, Lauren has honed her skills and expertise in areas involving complex legal issues. This prowess is particularly prominent in cases concerning the exclusion of mental health records or irrelevant records from discovery.

In 2019, Lauren’s personal life took a significant turn as she married and became a military spouse. This life-changing event led her to relocate several times, presenting challenges but also opportunities for growth and innovation. As an empathetic and skilled attorney, she used these experiences to shape her career path and continue to serve her clients effectively.

Lauren’s approach to her work is one of genuine care and professionalism. She aims to create a comfortable space where clients can express themselves, ensuring that they feel heard while still maintaining the necessary professional boundaries to achieve the desired results. She prioritizes staying updated on the latest developments in divorce law through continuous reading, attending seminars and CLEs, and engaging in conversations with her peers.

She was recently a part of the Arizona Bar Association Conference, illustrating her dedication to professional development. If she were not in the legal profession, Lauren admits she would likely pursue an acting career, hinting at her creative side and love for storytelling.

Despite her stellar achievements and busy schedule, Lauren remains an approachable and empathetic lawyer. She wants clients to perceive her as someone who genuinely cares for them and is committed to doing her utmost to assist them through their cases.

Throughout her career, Lauren has come across intriguing legal cases, the most interesting of which was an annulment case involving bigamy with six wives married to a scammer. If granted a legal-themed superpower, Lauren would choose to read witnesses’ minds in the courtroom. As for creating a new law, she would focus on improving the living conditions for foster care youth over the age of 12 who are unlikely to experience anything beyond a group home.

Today, Lauren McAlpin serves as a prominent attorney at the Modern Law Firm in Tucson, Arizona. Her resilience, empathy, and legal expertise make her an invaluable asset to the firm and a true advocate for her clients.



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