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Michael Cohen

Client Advocate

Michael Cohen brings a unique blend of educational prowess and a rich background in education and coaching. With degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Arizona State University, Michael’s academic journey laid the foundation for his multifaceted career. Transitioning from the world of education into law, he carries with him an open-minded approach to communication and collaboration, essential qualities in the realm of family law.

From Education to Advocacy – Michael’s career prior to joining Modern Law was deeply rooted in education, where he honed his skills in teaching and coaching. This experience has equipped him with the ability to understand and communicate with a diverse range of individuals, a skill he believes will serve him well in addressing the nuanced needs of family law clients.

A Personal Connection to Family Law – Michael’s interest in family law is deeply personal, stemming from his own family’s experience with divorce and reconciliation. Witnessing his parents’ divorce at the age of 10, followed by their eventual reconciliation, has given Michael a unique perspective on the complexities of family relationships and the legal system’s role in navigating these challenges.

Empathy and Professionalism – Michael emphasizes the importance of empathy, patience, and compassion when working with clients going through emotionally challenging situations like divorce. He believes in actively listening to fully understand each client’s unique situation, thereby providing tailored and sympathetic professional support. Michael is committed to furthering his legal education and training at Modern Law to enhance his ability to serve clients effectively.

Areas of Interest – Michael is particularly intrigued by mediation, appeals, and the division of assets. Michael wants his clients to feel comfortable and confident in his authenticity, professionalism, and dedication to providing excellent client advocacy. He aims to be seen as someone who is firmly in their corner, navigating the legal system on their behalf.

Inspirations and Aspirations – Drawing inspiration from fictional legal characters like Mike Ross from “Suits” for his passion and relentless drive to fight for what is right, Michael aspires to embody these qualities in his own practice. He is also motivated by historical legal figures and cases, such as DA Jim Garrison’s pursuit of justice in the trial of Clay Shaw, showcasing his deep appreciation for the law’s impact on society.

A Vision for the Future – Michael envisions a legal system where the burden of evidence on the prosecution is increased, advocating for the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” He is passionate about appellate law and is interested in creating laws that expedite appeals for arguably questionable convictions, reflecting his commitment to justice and fairness.

Michael brings a fresh perspective, a commitment to learning, and a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact in the lives of those navigating the complexities of family law. His unique background, combined with his personal experiences and professional aspirations, positions him as a valuable advocate for family law clients.

Michael Cohen

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