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Caitlin Lindahl

Administrative Specialist

When I was 19 my parents went through a divorce. I hadn’t seen it coming, especially as the drama of the divorce and the resulting custody battle unfolded. My brothers and I were heartbroken. Our worlds were completely rocked.

“The Gatekeeper” is a great nickname for Administrative Specialist Caitlin Lindahl. Caitlin and Billie, the owner of Modern Law have been great friends for close to 15 years. When Billie moved from Oregon to Arizona, Caitlin decided she needed a change in pace and she left her job as a bookkeeper in grocery to check out the southwestern states. As time went on and Billie would not stop talking about her law firm, Caitlin decided she would help! She is the longest employee at Modern Law and has watched the company transform from humble beginnings to a really special place to work. People in the firm often joke if anyone was to get a Modern Law tattoo, it would be Caitlin and no word describes her better than “loyal”. She is a devoted team member who truly kept the team together when the pandemic struck and the world went virtual. Caitlin runs the office, which means different things at different times. She is likely the first person you will meet when you enter Modern Law and, despite having no legal background whatsoever, Caitlin will know exactly who you should talk to in order to solve your problem. She also is the numbers guru, runs company meetings, and reports on the statistics we need to know if we are on track.

Journey to Family Law

Caitlin grew up in Sisters, Oregon and then moved to the Oregon Coast. She and her brother experienced her parents’ divorce when she was a young adult. At that time, her already strained relationship with her dad could not withstand the emotional wreckage of the divorce. She did not attend counseling, did not have the emotional support to process the loss, and simply stuffed the emotions. By the time she was 32, depression and emotional anxiety could no longer be ignored. She found a wonderful counselor who performed EMDR to help process past trauma. She joined a group therapy and individual therapy to learn new skills to process emotions based on DBT therapies. She is now a huge proponent of both EMDR and DBT therapy and has helped to launch our counseling and group counseling offerings.


-Customer Service

-Social Networking

-Systems Management

-Legal Document Organization


Caitlin Lindahl

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