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When it comes to family law, Modern Law is Maricopa County’s most highly rated law firm for good reason. We listen. We get results.


My journey to becoming the owner and founder of Modern Law and I Do Over came out of an intense sense of justice and a desire to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves. It started on the playground as a kid.


Alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is money paid from one spouse to another to provide financial assistance either during the divorce, or after the divorce. Alimony typically occurs when one spouse earns a much higher income than the other spouse, leaving the financially-challenged spouse with fewer options to establish a solid foundation following a divorce.

child support

When two parents no longer live together because of divorce, the end to a relationship, or they never actually intended to be together, one of the most important things to consider is how this change will affect their shared children. How will they be supported? How will they be provided for financially? Parents worry that child support may be incorrectly used or won’t be enough to meet their kids’ needs.


Modifications of parenting time and legal decision-making are allowed, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 25-411. This statute also sets up the requirements that one must follow before they can ask the court to make the modification. The most important factor is timing.


When it comes to child custody issues, a parenting plan can be one of the most important documents you will have. This plan outlines every specific requirement and rule that you and your child’s other parent must follow. Without a plan in place, there is little one can do to enforce parenting time or receive help from law enforcement.

property division

Dividing assets properly includes getting appraisals, identifying all the property, and presenting evidence in court as to how many properties exists and how much they’re worth. When the court gets it wrong, you may have to appeal an issue, ask for a clarification, or file a motion to amend an error.


If you have a court order that your ex is not following, they may be in contempt of court. Modern Law may be able to enforce your judgment. We can help look for hidden assets and facilitate a garnishment or seizure of property (or bank accounts) in order to ensure your ex complies with court orders.

Asset Protection

For the average American in divorce, protecting assets through the property division process can include strategies with real property, personal property, vehicles, financial accounts, and maybe a retirement account or pension. In addition to these common assets, many high net worth individuals accumulate assets of a more complex nature, such as a business or some form of non-qualified deferred compensation.


Divorce is never easy, but mediation offers a way to reduce conflict - and cost - in your divorce in Arizona. Divorce mediation is a process where you and your spouse talk with a trained mediator about the issues, allowing each side to reach a joint solution without the court deciding for you. The mediator is neutral and will not take sides.