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Child Custody

Fighting for custody orders that are in the best interests of your children may be one of the most important legal matters you ever face. A compassionate attorney from our Mesa location at Dana Park would understand how important your children are and could advocate for your family’s needs during court proceedings.

Whether you are negotiating a settlement with your kids’ other parent or fighting for parenting rights in court, a Mesa child custody lawyer could offer valuable advice on how to make your case stronger.

Parenting Plans in Mesa

Arizona Revised Statutes §25-403.02 states that custody orders – commonly known as parenting plans – must address how separated or divorced parents interact with their kids. For example, the Mesa Family Court located just south of the US 60 off Mesa Drive would likely issue:

  • Orders regarding decision-making rights
  • A schedule for parenting time
  • Procedures for exchanging shared children and transportation
  • A plan for periodic review of custody terms
  • Guidelines for communication between parents and their shared children
ML Child Custody

As a Mesa child custody lawyer can explain, local courts are responsible for upholding children’s best interests when deciding custody matters, and orders such as these can help protect kids from experiencing avoidable trauma.

What is Legal Custody?

All custody orders must designate whether one or both parents will be responsible for making legal decisions about their children. Legal custody grants a parent the right to make choices about their kids’ medical needs, religion, education, and personal care.

What Are Parenting Schedules?

Parenting schedules afford parents physical custody of their kids. Local judges typically prefer to issue reasonable parenting time and contact with both parents, regardless of which party has legal custody. Likewise, parties who share joint legal access are not necessarily entitled to equal parenting time. If parties are unable to agree on a parenting schedule, a family court would likely issue a plan that maximizes the children’s time with both parents. A parenting plan lawyer in Mesa could help you create a schedule that serves your children’s best interests.

Special Considerations for a Child’s Safety

A judge may look at many factors to determine the best interests of the children when issuing legal access. For instance, the courts may observe a child’s relationship with either parent to discern whether parental alienation or household violence is taking place. The law requires family courts to give special consideration to child custody cases involving:

  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic violence or child abuse
  • A parent who is a registered sex offender

A judge must take special care in these cases to ensure that custody orders preserve the health and safety of the children in question. Parents who are guilty of certain offenses may receive limited parental rights. A Mesa child-sharing plan attorney from our firm could work with you to obtain a parenting schedule that promotes a healthy relationship with your kids.

Let a Mesa Child Custody Attorney Help You Protect Your Family

A parenting plan could affect your children’s health as well as their relationship with you. Obtaining the right custody order can help secure a healthy future for you and your kids. A Mesa child custody lawyer could help you advocate for your children’s needs and reach an order that reflects their best interests. Start taking the necessary steps to protect your family by calling our team today.