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The Arizona Divorce Guide: Decode Your Divorce

The Arizona Divorce Guide: Decode Your Divorce

The Mess of Divorce, Organized in one place

People facing divorce are facing extreme heartbreak, regret, anxiety and unbelievable financial pressure. The stakes have never been higher and you are expected to navigate a coded legal system and hope your family emerges on the other side.

In Decode Your Divorce, divorce attorney Billie Tarascio will take you through three comprehensive sections so you can move through the divorce process smoothly, inexpensively and empowered.

In this book you will learn:

– Representation options and how to best work with an attorney.
– How to navigate the court system including how to draft documents, identify and organize exhibits and what to expect in court.
– All you need to know about the law related to divorce including custody, child support, property division, spousal maintenance and more.

It’s true. Your life will never be the same. But it will get better. Decode Your Divorce will give you the tools to emerge stronger.

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We want to provide our existing and potential clients who are interested in divorce services, through Modern Law or I Do Over, to have as enough material to feel confident that they can begin planning, managing and completing their divorce. Below, you can download Decode Your Divorce, completely free in PDF form. If you are interested in a paperback version, please contact us at (480) 571-0346 or via email at info@mymodernlaw. If you would like to book a consultation or would like more details on our firm, click the Attorneys and Resources tabs in the drop downs above!

ML Decode Your Divorce Book 1 Cover

Decode your divorce

by Billie Tarascio

Founder Modern Law

“I’m not a huge reader and certainly didn’t want to have to open a book to prepare for my divorce, but Decode My Divorce was much more captivating than I expected! I found myself taking notes, highlighting and folding pages, so it was more of an interactive experience while I researched, instead of just flipping through mindlessly, while I day-dreamt of the nightmare before me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is beginning the process of legal separation. It provided a ton of useful content in one place, which is just what I was looking for.”

- Leslie D

Decode your divorce part II

by Billie Tarascio

Founder Modern Law

“I’ve read both books and while the first one is more of a formal take on the paperwork that’s needed to be filed, proper procedures and how to advocate for yourself; the second book is more of an interesting read, in my opinion. It details the affects of addiction and how they can the entire process of divorce. My ex had an extreme alcohol problem and I was truly afraid of how that was going to influence my leaving. This book gave me helpful insight and background knowledge that I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. If you’re going through a rough divorce with someone who has an addiction or mental illness, you’ll definitely want to give Decode Your Divorce Part II a read.”

- Donna N
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Decode Your Divorce
By Billie Tarascio

Decode Your Divorce is a helpful, family law handbook to assist you with managing your divorce from start to finish.

ML Decode Your Divorce Book 1 Cover
Decode Your Divorce II
By Billie Tarascio

Decode Your Divorce PT.II describes how addiction, mental health, and personality disorders influence divorce.