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A modern Law Firm Experience

Our talent Acquisition mission

We value the collective work and contributions of all individual staff members at Modern Law. We evaluate our compensation against peers in our industry and marketplace. Our firm was designed to prioritize work life balance in the legal profession and we strive to uphold our company culture. We know that culture and compensation aren’t enough and we prioritize creating an exceptional experience for our team.

Cultural Compatibility
We want to attract and retain skilled employees who are are aligned to our unique company culture provide outstanding client experiences, and drive revenue for the firm. We aim to attract talent that are both exceptional at what they do and a cultural fit for Modern Law. We strive to eliminate unnecessary obstacles that may deter excellent candidates and slow down the process resulting in loss of opportunity for our team. A great fit embodies our values of C.O.B.E. (creativity, optimism, bravery, and empathy). They should love family law and be looking for a collaborative work environment. They should understand and embrace radical candor in the workplace and generally have a growth mindset.
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Equitable Compensation
We strive to deliver fair and competitive compensation that enables the firm to attract, retain, and engage highly qualified individuals with the requisite expertise and skills to serve the mission of the Firm. We assemble a Financial Compensation Committee that includes employees and leadership to collect, analyze, and utilize pertinent market driven salary data from family law firms statewide to develop equitable salary grades that take into account roles, responsibilities and requirements of the jobs. We are committed to upholding ethical conduct and legal compliance in the application of compensation policies, rules, practices, and all applicable employment laws and regulations.
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Exceptional Experience
All law firms say they provide a fulfilling workplace, few genuinely prioritize it. Our strategy includes employees compensation that promote growth, wellbeing, technology, and entertainment to our staff. We want an employee compensation policy that is accessible to all employees and provides information and predictability as to pay and compensation. We create opportunities and experiences that allow us to connect with our team and learn who they are as people. We invest our resources into learning how to create the most functional workplace for our staff. Our people are our most important resources, so we strive to provide them resources to have a fulfilling employee experience. We know they have many family law firms they could work at, but they chose us. We don't forget that.
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Flex Time

The standard 8 to 5 schedule is too outdated for a law firm with “Modern” in the name. We refuse to forget that our employees have many other titles in addition to their professional ones. Have to pick your kid up from school? Flex. Middle of the day oil change? Flex. Hate working early mornings? Flex.

Work From Home

...or wherever you want. We love working remotely so much we dedicated a Core Value to it, “Mobility and Accessibility”. Our work environment provides a high level of flexibility in terms of how and where we work. We’d rather you spend that extra commuting time with your family, doing something you enjoy, or taking care of your wellbeing.

Time Off

Our staff observe all eleven (11) Federal Holidays with pay, and receive one additional paid floating holiday for any date of their choice to be used each year. Full time employees within 3 years receive 120 hours of accrued paid time off annually. The carryover limit is 40 hours and the maximum balance is 160 hours. Employees within 3-6 years accrue 160 hours of paid time off annually with a carryover limit of 60 hours and a maximum balance of 220 hours. After 6 years, our Employees earn 200 hours of paid time off with an 80 hour carryover limit and a maximum balance of 280 hours.

Health Coverage

We cover up to 80% of the premium of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) EverydayHealth PPO Silver 5800/100 and up to 50% of the premium for their Dependents. We offer a Dependent Care FSA plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, a High-Deductible Health Plan, Health Flex Savings Account (FSA), and Short Term Disability Insurance.

Bonuses and Budgets


Our attorneys and legal professionals receive bonus commissions for every consultation and conversion.


We offer our employees bonus incentives without caps to incentivize excellent work, client satisfaction, and positive culture within the organization. Bonus structures are tailored for each position and department.


Existing employees who recruit a full time paralegal or attorney to join Modern Law will receive a $5,000 commission for each attorney and $2,500 commission for each paralegal.


Any person who refers a client to Modern Law is eligible for a $200 referral fee, even our employees! Bonus: the client will also receive $100 credit toward their account after 90 days.

Tech Budget

Full time employees are provided an annual $1500 budget to be used toward additional software and/or any physical or technological equipment they may want to use to enhance productivity and enjoyment.

Health Budget

We provide all Employees access to a $500 annual health and wellness budget. This budget may be used for any equipment, classes, memberships, apps, etc that support your overall wellness and whole health.


Our full time employees receive up to $5250 per year for student loan payments or current eligible educational expenses.


We cover the costs of CLE and bar dues for attorneys and family law legal paraprofessionals up to $1,500 annually. We also provide biweekly CLE during company meetings.

Open Positions


Our growing law firm is looking to hire a family attorney or LP who is fiercely passionate about representing clients facing one of the most challenging times in their lives. Candidates should be adept at preparing necessary legal documents in connection with prenuptial agreements, initiating and finalizing divorces, alimony, child support/child custody, and real estate. Experience in handling legal issues such as child abuse, child custody, and domestic violence is also a must. If you have a proven record of success both in and out of court, apply now!


We're looking for an organized, detail-oriented, and experienced family law paralegal to play an important role on our legal team. You'll draft legal documents such as affidavits, motions and pleadings, and conduct legal research for trial preparation. You will keep case files and other important information neatly organized and easily accessible. If you're interested in advancing your paralegal career with opportunities for growth, we want to hear from you.