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Stacey Rogan

Managing Attorney

Equipped with 22 years of family law experience, Stacey has helped hundreds of clients win cases concerning child custody, alimony, divorce, separation of assets and more. Her professional problem solving skills allow her to think quickly, and act with confidence, even under pressure. Stacey grew up in Phoenix, and went to law school in Michigan. After law school, she and moved with her roommate and began her law career in Maryland doing domestic law, general practice law and bankruptcy law. She accumulated over 20 years in bankruptcy law in the Free State, then about 4 years ago moved back to Arizona where she now works for Modern Law Family Law and Divorce Attorneys.

Journey to Family Law

Stacey has always wanted to be a lawyer – even before she really knew what they did. She originally wanted to be an adoptions attorney but ended up enjoying the family law practice. Her divorce after 19 years of marriage took about 2 years and was an extremely emotional, stressful experience. She and her ex fought over custody and assets, but the most important things that got her through it were friends and family, who reminded her that she is strong enough to get through anything.

Favorite Types of Cases

Stacey likes to work with clients who are deeply involved with their cases, so that they can share thoughts, information and ideas together as a team. Sharing goals and creating a mutual understanding about possible outcomes is another one of her strong suits.

Education and Experience


Admitted to State of Maryland Bar (Inactive)

Admitted to the District of Columbia Bar (Inactive)

Admitted to Federal District Court Bar, Maryland


Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, Michigan State University – 1999

Bachelor of Science, Arizona State University – 1994


Belsky Award, 2016, Outstanding Service and Dedication to Consumer Bankruptcy Bar

Top Lawyer, 2014, Excellence in Ethics Standards and Professional Excellence


Stacey Rogan Podcast

Why Clients Love Stacey:

“My 1 hour consultation with Stacey Rogan was exactly what I needed! She was very easy to talk to and very direct and supportive. I was hesitant to pay and follow through with the appointment but it gave me the confidence to stick to what I believe is right with my situation with my children’s dad. Thanks Stacey!”

Stacey Rogan

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