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Christy Farmer

Family Law Legal Paraprofessional

Christy grew up in a very rural area in Maine. Her childhood was great and spent mostly playing in the woods that surrounded her house. Although, she always knew she was always a city girl at heart. She was often in Boston growing up and it will always and forever be her favorite city. She comes from a long line of ‘chowdah’ heads. Lobster rolls, lighthouses, and people who don’t say their Rs make her feel at home! In her free time she likes hiking, traveling, Crossfit, doing game nights with friends, reading the latest mystery/thriller.

Journey to Family Law

Christy is competitive by nature and she loves being right, as well as facing new challenges. She turned to law after majoring in anthropology. As much as she loves the study of humanity and evolution etc., she realized that she wasn’t cut out to go live in the field and dig for fossils or be a professor.

Favorite Types of Cases

While she doesn’t specifically have a preference, Christy enjoys anything where she gets to put on her detective hat and dig around in things looking for that key piece of info to help make her clients case more solid

Education and Experience

Legal Studies, General –

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“Starting the process of fighting for custody of my child was daunting and terrifying. After getting in touch with modern law, that fear and anxiety went away. Ryan was assigned as my attorney with Christy as my paralegal. They handled my case professionally, ensuring they communicated every detail of the process throughly. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing a family lawyer. They made me feel at ease with process and provided good judgement and suggestions. Again, I would highly suggest this law firm to anyone in need of a profession, reasonably priced law firm. This team will take care of you to the best of their ability. Thank you Ryan and Christy!” -John G.

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