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Sarah Encarnacion

Marketing Manager

Sarah Encarnacion is the Marketing Manager at Modern Law, and a diligent proponent for anyone going through divorce, domestic violence, abuse or unstable situations. She joined our team as a Client Advocate in 2021, helping link new clients with the best attorney in-house, or referring them out to the professional in our network that could provide them with the best possible representation. Apart from new clients, she made sure our existing clients and attorneys stayed on top of milestones for their current family law cases. Her dedication to Modern Law’s client satisfaction, inclination for data collection, and experience as a social worker for Arizona DCS allowed her to secure her current role; which enables her to spend more time working directly with the local community and referral partners, while planning events and supporting Modern Law’s day-to-day on the side. Creative problem-solving skills are her forte, and the thoughtful consideration she takes with each project always keep personal well-being, emotion and understanding front of mind. Undoubtedly, her commitment to being a caregiver has permeated many facets of her life. After becoming a mother, her relationship with herself blossomed into personal healing adventure and, in the same way she strives to make a safe place for clients, she aspires to make her home a sanctuary for her child in which he can thrive in peace. A place where well-being is measured in happiness and health.

Journey To Family Law

Prior to working for Modern Law, Sarah was an Ongoing Case Manager for the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS). Much of her time was spent doing court preparation, but she quickly discovered a passion for the legal side of her position. Her experiences in the courtrooms during juvenile law cases were like anything she had experienced before. Every case was represented by Assistant Attorney Generals, whom she admired through working closely with, and she was intrigued by the unpredictable nature of the cases, the varying personalities of the attorneys and judges, and the glorifying electricity that came with each victory. This motivated her to spend her personal time learning statutes and laws, apart from constantly reviewing the Department’s policy and procedure manual to be the best she could at her job. In time, she began to realize that many of her clients truly struggled with understanding the legal process, courtroom lingo, and DCS policies. She decided to make combatting this devastating issue a personal and professional mission, using a system she created which assesses an individuals learning style, curating resources and information they can easily follow-up with, then diligently checking-in and reinforcing positivity throughout the case. After leaving DCS and social work, Sarah made the decision to pursue law school and wanted to deeply immerse herself in the environment while studying for the LSAT. After applying for a few different firms, she found Modern Law. After one look at our website she knew her heart was here with us, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Favorite Types Of Cases

Sarah loves working with people who are receptive and ready to be helped. Often times, she finds that the clients she works with are on the cusp of something life-changing, and it’s fulfilling to her to be there as a guide and a resource. Her goal is to help people going through a divorce get past the societal stigma that an unviable marriage equates to a failure.  As a social worker, she particularly enjoys the opportunity to comfort clients when they’re struggling by providing resources, encouragement, and reassurance. With a kind heart in hand, Sarah is thankful to experience the positive emotions that pour out of someone after their fear has melted away.

Education And Experience

2011-2012 – University of Detroit Mercy – Economics

2014-2018 – Arizona State University – Bachelor’s in Sustainability – Summa Cum Laude

   Minor in Public Policy with focus on Hydrology

   Member of the Honor Society for Sustainability

Sarah Encarnacion

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