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Tracy Wood


Educational Background

Professional Experience

Before joining Modern Law, Tracy has amassed a wealth of diverse professional experiences. She has served as a law enforcement officer, concierge, and Everest Base Camp Manager. Tracy has also worked at a domestic violence shelter and served as a mediator, public defender, and personal injury attorney. These roles have equipped her with a profound understanding of interpersonal dynamics and have honed her ability to navigate complex legal and emotional issues, particularly in family law.

Tracy’s personal relationship experiences and the subjects discussed on her podcast, “Rock That Relationship!” further enhance her empathetic and informed approach to helping clients through challenging times of separation, divorce, and child custody issues.

Personal Background

Tracy is an avid hiker, pickleball player, and a proud dog mom. She enjoys hosting podcasts and binge-watching TV shows, ranging from reality shows to true crime. Tracy’s personal journey, including her own divorce and her role as a stepmother, gives her a unique perspective and empathy for her clients’ experiences.

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Law: Tracy has dedicated six years to practicing family law, driven by her passion for helping individuals through crises and making difficult life transitions more manageable.
  • Mediation and Counseling: Her background in mediation and work at a domestic violence shelter allows Tracy to provide holistic support to her clients.
  • Legal Representation: Tracy’s diverse legal experience, from public defense to personal injury law, equips her with the skills necessary to handle a wide range of family law cases.

Professional Philosophy

Tracy approaches each case with a balance of empathy and professionalism. She believes in supporting the whole person through challenging times and guiding clients to additional professional help when necessary. Tracy strives to keep her clients informed and empowered throughout the legal proceedings, ensuring they feel heard and validated.

Continuous Learning

Tracy stays updated on the latest developments in family law by reading extensively on mediation, family law, and the psychology of behavior, especially concerning family separation situations. She regularly attends continuing legal education classes to enhance her knowledge and better serve her clients.

Client Demographics

Tracy enjoys working with all demographics and is particularly familiar with the LGBTQIA community, immigrant populations, and complicated family dynamics. She aims to provide inclusive and understanding legal support to all her clients.

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