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Kat DeRubbio

Administrative Specialist

Kat DeRubbio is an Administrative Specialist at Modern Law. After almost five years in the banking industry, and 10 years in collections,  Kat was looking to switch up her career path. She wanted to combine her collections skills and creative mindset into a tool for her new niche. Currently, she’s working toward a degree in Criminal Justice, and found Modern Law to be the perfect place to gain experience and make connections. In her free time, you can find Kat sifting through thrift stores, hosting tie-dye parties, or macrame-ing with her family and friends. A piece of her heart belongs to nature; she loves frequent camping trips and traveling with her husband and dogs.

Journey To Family Law

Kat grew up on the beautiful island of Guam, between Australia and Japan, where she lived with her parents and two brothers. Her father worked for a major airline company, they were well-traveled at a very young age. Growing up as a minority, didn’t make living in paradise as easy as one would hope. After experiencing some racism growing up, she learned that diversity is beautiful and grew stronger for living through it. Her family moved to Texas after she graduated from Notre Dame High School, then met the love of her life just a few months later. Kat accepts the challenge of learning something new, as well as being able to talk to past and present clients to help them get where they need to go. Her professional superpower is the ability to make people feel heard. She understands that listening, understanding, and validation is a necessity for positive interaction and healing. Many times, people only listen to respond, not to understand that the speaker has a purpose. Kat hears you, and wants to help in any way she can.
Billing Resources Manager - Kat DeRubbio

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