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Ruby Becker


Ruby Becker , brings a wealth of experience and a deep sense of empathy to the team of family law attorneys at Modern Law. With a background that includes defending parents and children in dependency cases to making significant contributions to case law, Ruby’s journey is both impressive and inspirational.

Educational and Professional Journey – Ruby’s academic achievements include a BS from Post University in 2010 and a JD, Cum Laude, from Western State College of Law in 2017. Her career has been dedicated to representing those in need, first at the Pima County Legal Defender’s Office and then at the Maricopa County Office of the Public Advocate. Her work has not only been about legal representation but also about making a real difference in the lives of families navigating the complexities of the legal system.

A Personal Connection to Family Law – Ruby’s choice to specialize in family law is deeply personal. Having navigated her own divorce with a focus on the well-being of her child, she understands firsthand the challenges and emotions involved. This personal experience has fueled her passion for helping others achieve amicable resolutions, ensuring that a difficult process does not have to be a destructive one.

Empathy Meets Expertise – Known for her listening skills and ability to empathize, Ruby stands out as a beacon of support for her clients. Her approach is about more than just legal advice; it’s about providing a shoulder to lean on while fiercely advocating for her clients’ interests. Ruby’s commitment to staying updated on legal developments through CLEs and court arguments ensures that her advocacy is both compassionate and cutting-edge.

Beyond the Courtroom – If Ruby hadn’t pursued a career in law, she imagines herself as a medical examiner, highlighting her interest in detailed, impactful work. However, within the legal realm, she aims to be perceived as both strong and kind, offering her clients not just legal representation but a partnership through their most challenging times.

Inspired by the Underdog – Ruby’s favorite fictional courtroom is from The Rainmaker, where the theme of David versus Goliath resonates with her own approach to legal battles. Similarly, she finds a kindred spirit in Alan Shore from Boston Legal, the quirky character known for his brilliance and heart.

Memorable Moments – Among the many cases Ruby has worked on, one particularly memorable case involved securing the return of children to their father against all odds, which came only after her work and dedication to the case, and to protect her clients’ rights.

A Vision for Legal Support – Ruby’s ideal legal superpower would be mind reading, especially useful during cross-examinations. Moreover, she advocates for a law that would provide legal representation to all parties in criminal or civil cases from the outset, ensuring fairness and access to justice for everyone.

Ruby Becker – With a blend of personal experience, professional dedication, and a heart for advocacy, Ruby is set to make a significant impact for her clients at Modern Law.

Ruby Becker

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