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Lanni Marchant



  • Juris Doctorate, Michigan State College of Law, 2011
  • L.L.B., University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, 2009
  • B.A. Economics, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2007
  • O.L.Y., 2016 Rio Olympics, Team Canada

A Journey of Excellence

Lawyer. Olympian. Advocate. Prior to joining Modern Law, Lanni’s career was characterized by a unique blend of legal prowess and athletic achievement. Since the 2016 Olympics, she worked remotely, maintaining the Appeals Division at Speek, Webb, Turner and Newkirk in Tennessee, while collaborating with various firms on specific cases. With over 8 years of experience in family law, Lanni is well-equipped to assist families through complex and often emotionally charged situations. In her role as an athlete consultant and advocate, Lanni testified before the Canadian Parliament twice, playing a pivotal role in co-founding the “Abuse Free Sport – Safe Sport” mechanism in Canada, championing the safety and integrity of sports.

A Calling for Family Law:

Lanni chose family law to guide families through challenging times, recognizing the potential for compassion and support during divorce and relationship dissolution. Proficient in devising creative child custody agreements, Lanni brings innovation to the table. Growing up with separated parents who later divorced in 2013, Lanni’s personal experiences have deeply influenced her commitment to family law. Lanni approaches emotionally challenging situations, such as divorce, with a blend of empathy and professionalism. Her prior experience in estate planning and navigating the probate process equips her to assist clients through difficult legal journeys. She remains current on the latest developments in divorce law by focusing on relevant Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses in Family Law, Immigration Law, and Appeals.

What Lanni Wants Her Clients to Know

Lanni aims to be perceived as friendly yet firm by her clients, offering unwavering support while upholding their best interests. Balancing empathy and professionalism, Lanni creates a safe space for clients while maintaining her role as a strong advocate. Her approach ensures clients are heard without compromising the legal process.


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Lanni Marchant

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