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Category: Divorce

Thriving Financially After Divorce by Modern Law
Thriving Financially After Divorce

When people go through a divorce, one of the biggest concerns is always finances. They worry about the cost of the divorce, but there are often other pressing financial matters, as well. Many will wonder

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Lawyer Consultation Online
How to Effectively Communicate in Family Court

https://youtube.com/shorts/YraajOwKtjY?si=RToJ5wUz8QTN4mDV Family court can be an intimidating experience, especially for individuals who choose to represent themselves. Ensuring that a judge listens and pays attention to your case is crucial for a fair hearing. Here are

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Child Support Attorney Mesa
Is Your Attorney Well Trained?

In the often unpredictable world of family law, the ability to think on your feet and handle unexpected challenges is crucial. A recent training for Modern Law attorneys at their company retreat turned into a

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Divorce Law Firm Near Me
What do people pay for a divorce?

Managing the financial aspects of a divorce or child custody case can be one of the most daunting parts of the process. At Modern Law, transparency and data tracking provide clients with a clear understanding

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