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Heather Potter


After growing up in Prescott Arizona and attending the Yavapai County Paralegal Program, Heather found her niche as a paralegal in family law. She later went to school in Phoenix to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. More than 22 years later it isn’t hard to see why. Heather Potter is an empath, a nurturer, and compassionate listener and an introvert. She loves providing emotional support to clients and she understands the struggle and worry that clients often face surrounding their children.

Journey to Family Law

As a parent, there is nothing more debilitating than watching your child grieve. When Heather’s son was a young adult, he lost his girlfriend to a senseless random act of violence. The trauma to the entire family was lasting. She had never felt more powerless as a mother, as a human, than trying to help her son cope with a loss so profound. Many clients are struggling with the grief of the loss of the marriage, grief and guilt associated with the changes the children may be facing due to a divorce or a move. Clients often grapple with not knowing how to help children of any age manage the stress to themselves and their children.

Favorite Types of Cases

Heather understands. Her favorite part of her work is supporting those clients and her attorneys in the practice of family law so that she can watch clients transform during the life of their case from a broken individual into a strong, independent and happy person.

Education and Experience

Heather is a paralegal at Modern Law and is awaiting the opportunity to become a legal practitioner, or practicing paralegal, LLLP in Arizona in 2022.

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