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Gail Barsky


Family Law Attorney Gail Barsky has made Scottsdale, Arizona, her home, where she continues to make significant strides in her legal career as an active high-achiever. With an impressive educational background from Temple University, including a Juris Doctorate and an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy, Gail’s academic and professional accolades underscore her dedication and skill.

A Distinguished Career – Gail’s journey in law is marked by notable achievements, including serving on the Temple University Board of Trustees, being a top fundraiser for breast cancer research, and earning recognition as a top civil litigation attorney in personal injury. Her transition to Modern Law is driven by a desire to apply her extensive litigation experience and compassionate approach to the realm of family law.

From Personal Injury to Family Law – While Gail’s legal career has primarily focused on personal injury, her interactions with clients have illuminated the profound impact of family law matters. Gail’s move to family law is fueled by her commitment to providing exceptional legal representation, ensuring clients facing divorce receive the support and guidance they need during challenging times.

Empathy Meets Expertise – Gail approaches her clients with patience, empathy, and professionalism, offering legal advice tailored to their unique situations. Her method involves actively listening to clients, validating their experiences, and exploring the best legal avenues for their cases.

Staying Ahead – Committed to excellence, Gail stays updated on the latest developments in family law through seminars, legal publications, and discussions with colleagues. This dedication ensures her clients benefit from informed and effective legal strategies.

A Life of Service – Beyond her legal practice, Gail’s volunteer work reflects her deep commitment to community service. From assisting the elderly and veterans to supporting teenagers facing family challenges, Gail’s altruism extends far beyond the courtroom.

An Academic at Heart – If not practicing law, Gail could easily step into the role of college professor, sharing her knowledge and passion for law with the next generation of legal minds. That makes her an excellent fit for clients who are looking for knowledgeable, experienced, and professional family law advocacy, ensuring they feel confident and supported in her representation.

Inspired by Real-Life Advocacy – Gail’s dream case would be akin to the Erin Brockovich story, reflecting her drive to protect communities and advocate for environmental safety.

A “Suits” Admirer – Gail enjoys the wit and camaraderie of the TV drama “Suits,” resonating with the intelligence and teamwork displayed by its legal characters.

A Career Highlight – Among her many professional accomplishments, Gail recalls winning her first jury trial as a new attorney as one of her most memorable courtroom moments.

Vision for Change – Gail’s ideal legal superpower would be to render unfair contracts null and void, ensuring fairness and protection for her clients. She advocates for stricter laws on data protection, emphasizing the need for companies to handle consumer information responsibly.

With a blend of litigation prowess, empathetic client relations, and a commitment to justice, Gail is poised to make a significant impact at Modern Law and the lives of those she represents.

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