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Consultation FAQs

Welcome! We are thrilled you would like to book a consultation. A consultation is undoubtably one of the most important things you can do for your case. By booking online, we are often able to get you in sooner.

  • You need to file or you have been served with a petition
  • Learning about the law if you may end up in a family law case
  • Getting a second opinion if you are unsure about a decision in your family law case
  • Shopping attorneys to find a good fit for you
  • Our consultations take place via zoom or phone. We prefer zoom so that you can better connect with the attorney. If you would benefit from greater privacy and technological assistance we are happy to set you up at our Mesa or Peoria offices to meet with any of our attorneys via zoom. 
  • You can meet with any attorney/family law legal paraprofessional at Modern Law. We work as a team so when you hire us, you are getting the power of 18 attorneys on your team. We discuss cases and collaborate.
  • The attorney you meet with for your consultation may not be the best fit for your case. The team is trained to understand the types of cases, current availability and personality fits when suggesting the best fit at Modern Law. Consultations are recorded, so nothing is lost if your case is a better fit for a different attorney within the firm.
  • If you prefer to meet in person frequently, you may want to choose an attorney or family law legal paraprofessional near you. However, many of our clients live out of the county or out of state. We are very comfortable working virtually and many hearings and mediations also can occur virtually.
  • We offer free consultations at our designated pro bono days. 
  • Consultations with attorneys are $250, but we occasionally have promotions.
  • Consultations with family law legal paraprofessionals are $150
  • Consultations with our legal document preparer through I Do Over is just $49
  • Consultations with lawyers and family law legal paraprofessionals are up to 1 hour.
  • Consultations with our certified legal document preparer is up to 30 mins.
  • Yes, if you are a returning client you can hire without a consultation. If we have never worked with you, we recommend a consultation before we get started.
  • The consultation is designed for us to get to know one another and to act as an initial strategy session/brainstorming session. It is not a sales pitch. We will provide substantive information and ideas for you during the consultation.
  • We must collect your name, email, phone number and the name of the opposing party. We also need to determine (as best we can) if you case is within our jurisdiction. We are only allowed to practice within the state of Arizona.
  • You are also invited to upload documents that you would like us to review or discuss during the consultation.
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