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Elijah Rosov


Elijah Rosov is a licensed Arizona attorney and family law specialist with a passion for helping people. Growing up in a single-parent household, he learned from an early age the importance of serving the best interests of a child by ensuring that they have as much time as logistically possible with two loving, safe-to-be-around parents. He has been licensed since November 2011 and has been practicing family law since 2014.

One of his biggest past hobbies, automotive, has become a memory due to the demands of law school, marriage, children, and his disability. However, Elijah continues to have a variety of hobbies, including membership in the SCA, traditional archery, home brewing, leather working, carpentry, and building Lego with his 4-year-old son. He also enjoys binge-watching spy thrillers, procedural crime dramas, and sci-fi series. Occasionally, he attends cult classic showings in Arizona, such as when they showed Lost Boys this past February.

Despite not having a favorite food, Elijah loves to cook and has no small amount of experience with French technique and Asian flavors. He has even prepared 14-course Thanksgiving meals with specific themes, such as a South Asian theme that included Nargisi Kofta (basically curren with scotch eggs) using dark meat turkey and quail instead of chicken eggs.

Journey to Family Law

Born in upstate PA, Elijah moved to Phoenix before turning one. Most of his family lived in Philly or the other side of the Ben Franklin Bridge in NJ. During his school breaks, he would often spend time in Philly. He wanted to join the military after graduating high school, but due to medical reasons, he chose to pursue the quickest possible bachelor of science degree at DeVry so that he could join as an officer after his recovery. Unfortunately, three months before graduation, Elijah was hit by a semi-truck and spent time in the ICU, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab. He finished his degree about six months later than planned and spent about three years “retired” or semi-retired. He spent a year in California but felt there was more out there.

As a result of feeling like he had wasted a year of his life, Elijah investigated further educational opportunities. Despite being discouraged by ASU’s engineering department from applying, he resolved to attend law school. He graduated from Phoenix School of Law, Summer class of 2010.

Elijah has approximate knowledge of many things due to his genuine interest in various subjects. He crushes learning curves and sees everything that happens as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. He is stubborn, determined, and analytical, which saw him ditch his cane only five months after having his pelvis crushed in his 2003 accident. These traits also helped him stick it out and graduate law school despite having a horrendously bad first semester.

Overall, Elijah is a dedicated attorney who is passionate about family law and helping people. His diverse interests and experiences make him a well-rounded individual who is always eager to learn and grow.

Favorite Types of Cases

Elijah’s favorite cases involving complex property division, spousal maintenance, business valuations, and qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO). Given his background in electrical engineering, Elijah states “I didn’t go into the practice of law so that I could avoid math”. 

Education and Experience

Phoenix School of Law, Phoenix, AZ, August 2006- May 2010
Juris Doctor
Honors: CALI Award – Property I
Summer Study Abroad in London with George Town Law, focusing on International Law, 2008
DeVry University, Phoenix AZ, 2004
Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering Technology
Projects: Sun Tracker; Browser Controlled Wireless ROV
Classes of note: Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
Arizona Bar Association – Licensed November 14, 2011
Executive Office for Immigration Review

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