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Divorce Groups on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms

Getting divorced is one of the biggest changes that will happen in your life. Of course, it can often be difficult to know where to turn or to get the information you need. Fortunately, the Internet has helped to make it much easier for this type of information to be found. We’ve even started one of our own divorce groups on Facebook to help locals to connect on a more personal level.
Of course, as with everything on the web, you do have to be careful when it comes to the information that you find. It’s always best to trust only information that comes from divorce attorneys who are working in your state and who have experience with this area of the law.

Why Are Divorce Support Groups Beneficial?

When you go through a divorce, even if you were the one who initiated the divorce, it can be painful. It can leave you filled with grief and dealing with the trauma of change. While counseling and therapy with one-on-one sessions can be very helpful, there’s also something to be said for support groups.
When working with support groups, you can share stories with others, normalize the experiences you are going through and what you are feeling because others are dealing with the same thing, and you can find positive ways to deal with how you are feeling. When you know you aren’t alone, the world doesn’t feel like such a bleak and barren place.

Where to Find Divorce Groups

There are plenty of places on the web to find divorce groups. One of the best options is Facebook because of the way the social media site is set up. You can find and join curated groups and keep your conversations isolated to that platform. It’s easy to find general divorce groups, as well as those that are specific and targeted for certain types of individuals, situations, etc.
Other social media sites, such as Twitter, can be a good source of information, as well. Given the way that Twitter works, though, it may be harder to connect with the groups if you are only using that platform. Often, the groups that you find there will have links to a website, forum, or other location where the members gather online.
It’s also possible to find offline support groups available, and this could be a viable option for those who may not feel comfortable using social media sites to connect with others. Most people today, however, will appreciate the convenience and anonymity that the web can provide.

Types of Divorce Groups

You can find a range of divorce groups online today and that can serve a host of different purposes. Let’s look at a few of the different styles or types of divorce groups that are common and relatively easy to find today.

Groups Run by Attorneys

You might want to learn more about the law firm, for example. Perhaps you want to see which areas of family law they specialize in, or you need to know their hours, location, or where to contact them. A Facebook group can be a great way to get this information. Modern Law has a page with a wealth of information available. This can help to give you more insight into your case and makes it easy to contact the attorneys.

Groups for Support and Healing

In addition to finding legal help from law firm group pages, it’s also possible to find divorce groups that offer support. Because divorce can be such a source of trauma and such a change in a person’s life, they might be looking to find others who have been through or who are going through similar situations. It can be nice to have people to talk to that aren’t your family or friends and who can still commiserate with you.
These types of groups can provide support and healing, as well as understanding that you might not be able to get from others in your life. Most of these groups are entirely online today, which means that they can be accessed from anywhere. Even if you aren’t in the same state or even the same country, you can find people who are going through the same thing and who are feeling the same way.
Some popular online divorce support forums can be found at  WomansDivorce.com and DailyStrength.org.

Divorce Groups for the Kids

It’s important to remember that divorce is hard on more than just you and your spouse. If you have children, regardless of their age, the divorce can be just as traumatic for them. Finding groups online that are safe for the kids to experience can be a major help. The group will be filled with kids of divorce and will often be run or administered by a therapist or counselor. Parents should always vet and verify these types of groups before they allow their children to participate.

What Should You Look for in a Divorce Group on the Web?

When choosing a divorce group on Facebook or another social media site, it’s important to make sure you’re working with the right one.
First, you have to think about what it is that you want and need from the group. What is it that you need and are looking to get from the group?
Perhaps you are only looking for some information about divorce or you want to connect with an attorney and learn more about their experience in the field, or you might need information about the process of filing. Maybe you are in the midst of divorce already, or you have just gone through a divorce and you are feeling lost. You feel like you can’t talk to anyone you know about the experience. You may want to find a group that provides support and understanding during this time by listening.
You should also consider how, when, and where the group meets. Is it only online? Are there expectations of you when you attend a meeting? Is it more of an informal page or forum where people simply post questions and answers, have conversations, etc.? Determine what you need and then find a group that will work for you.
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