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Cost of a Mesa Divorce

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Getting divorced can involve a lengthy and expensive legal process. Your property is divided, a custody order is put in place if you have children, and the partnership should be dissolved with all the assets and debts assigned to one party or the other.
To file for divorce in Mesa, you must do so through the superior court located on 222 E North Javelina Drive. Other courthouses around the Valley where one can file for divorce are the Northeast or Northwest as well as in downtown Phoenix.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Divorced in Mesa?

The cost of a divorce in Mesa depends on many variables. People could get divorced for as little as $1,000, between all of the filing and processing fees. Others may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to dissolve a marriage. Simple divorces where people agree on everything and have professionals involved may cost around $3,000. Complicated cases can reach $7,000 or more.
Each party is responsible for paying a filing fee to the court. The party that is getting the legal help usually pays for the attorney’s fees incurred. Sometimes, attorneys’ fees may be placed on a credit card and then both spouses pay the credit card. When there is a disparity of income between the parties, or if one party behaves unreasonably, the court may order one party to pay the other’s legal fees.

Contact an Attorney for Help with Mitigating the Cost of a Mesa Divorce

Marriage dissolution is one of the biggest and most serious transactions a person faces in their lifetime. Parties to a divorce should retain legal representation from our firm and ask a lawyer to confirm that they are protected.
There is no do-over in divorce. You cannot redo the issues of property division or spousal maintenance, so it is important to take the time and gather the resources to reduce the cost of a Mesa divorce as much as possible. The best person to do that for you is an attorney from our legal team, so call today.

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