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Category: Divorce Costs

Flat Fee Divorce vs. Hourly Attorney

Getting a divorce has the potential to be quite expensive. This is especially true with complicated cases where the couple can’t agree on much when it comes to splitting up their assets, their parenting schedule,

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Flat Fee Divorce Costs
How Does a Flat Fee Divorce Work?

When going through a divorce, it’s a good idea to be represented by an attorney in most cases. There could be some instances of simple divorces and divorces that happen after just a year or

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mesa family law
Tax Consequences of Divorce

We get a lot of questions about the tax consequences of divorce, and Billie Tarascio walks you through the tax consequences you might face as a result of divorce. Divorce is not considered a taxable

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divorce lawyer mesa
Cost of a Mesa Divorce

Getting divorced can involve a lengthy and expensive legal process. Your property is divided, a custody order is put in place if you have children, and the partnership should be dissolved with all the assets

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