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Best Apps for Post Divorce Communications

Co-parenting Communication: The Best Parenting Apps for Amicable Conversations

Are you sick of dealing with an ex who can’t manage that biting tone in every text or email? When it comes to high conflict divorce, we’re happy to report on some new tools you can use to take the sting out of those communications.

Divorce is an emotionally charged process, especially when children are involved. Co-parenting requires effective communication, but it’s not always easy for divorced or divorcing spouses to maintain a positive tone in their email and text conversations. Here at Modern Law, we’ve seen some excellent innovative parenting apps that aim to soften communication between co-parents who may be in high conflict.

In this article, we will explore two exceptional parenting apps that our clients have used including, Our Our Family Wizard and ProperComm, which have gained recognition for their ability to foster amicable conversations and take the bite out of battling exes.

Our Family Wizard: Promoting Harmonious Co-parenting

Our Family Wizard is widely regarded as one of the best parenting apps for communication. This comprehensive platform offers a range of features designed to ease the complexities of co-parenting. With a focus on transparency and accountability, Our Family Wizard provides divorced or divorcing spouses with a neutral platform to communicate and share important information about their children’s well-being. Some key features of Our Family Wizard include:

a) Shared Calendar and Scheduling: Collaboratively manage parenting schedules, events, and appointments, reducing the potential for conflicts or misunderstandings.

b) Message Board: Facilitate respectful communication by providing a secure space for exchanging messages regarding child-related matters.

c) Expense Tracker: Simplify the process of tracking shared expenses and reimbursements, ensuring financial transparency.

d) Journal Entries: Encourage open and constructive dialogue by allowing co-parents to document their thoughts, concerns, and observations within a private journal.

ProperComm: Elevating Communication Etiquette

ProperComm is another notable app that aims to enhance communication between divorced or divorcing co-parents. It offers unique features that promote civility and minimize misinterpretations, making it an ideal tool for fostering healthy conversations.

Key features of ProperComm include:

a) Tone Analyzer: With the help of artificial intelligence, ProperComm’s tone analyzer assists users in detecting potentially hostile or inflammatory language, offering suggestions to rephrase sentences and diffuse tension.

b) Text Editing Tools: ProperComm provides text editing features, such as grammar and spell-check, to ensure clear and error-free messages, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings.

c) Co-parenting Agreement Templates: The app offers ready-to-use templates for co-parenting agreements, streamlining the process and promoting consistency in communication.

d) Document Sharing: Seamlessly exchange important documents, such as medical records, school reports, or legal documents, within a secure and organized platform.

Co-parenting can be challenging, but with the help of modern parenting apps like Our Family Wizard and ProperComm, divorced or divorcing spouses can navigate communication more effectively. These apps provide valuable tools and features that promote amicable conversations, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts for the benefit of the children involved.

By embracing technology and utilizing these innovative platforms, co-parents can foster a harmonious environment, ensuring the best interests of their children are met. Explore the functionalities of Our Family Wizard and ProperComm to improve communication, build stronger relationships, and create a positive co-parenting experience.

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