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A New Season: Billie Talks About Her Divorce

A New Season At Modern Law

There are lots of new things going on at Modern Law, and today marks the start of a new season. Here, Billie talks about dealing with a personal issue – her own divorce – and turning the page on life after moving into a new home. Listen here to find out more about that.
Also, Modern Law continues to grow, with some new attorneys who have joined the team. Don Colburn, dad to Modern Law attorney Darin Colburn, brings his 40 years of family law experience to the office. “He’s just sharp as a whip with so much experience,” says Billie.
Elizabeth Brooks is also new to Modern Law after graduating from Arizona State University . “She is really good,” Billie adds. “She’s already started settling cases.”
In line with a new season for Modern Law is a special offer for the moment: the office is offering initial consultations for half off to help people get started on their family law journey. It’s a tough one, as Billie can attest, and you’ll need some help from people who have been through the process and can help you start your own New Season.

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