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Who gets the kids and who decides what?

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Q: “What is the Arizona requirement for what makes a suitable home for a child?”

A: The short answer is – Can you make your child safe and comfortable?

It is often the case after a divorce that one or both parents will no longer be living in as nice of a community as they were previously able to afford with either the combined income of both parents, or with the primary income of their ex-spouse.

After a divorce, it is not something to be ashamed of to live in a less pretty house.  It is far more important that you are able to sustain a financial situation that will allow you to keep clothes on your child’s back, and food on their table.

In the best situation you will want to strive to make sure that the child has their own space (for example their own room), and a bed of their own.  Although this is not necessarily always possible, you should do the best you can for your child.

It’s a fine line between making your child comfortable and staying within your budget.

In a courtroom, if you’re showing that you are doing everything you can, you will have a much better go of having a successful outcome.

Q: “I changed the school my child is going to and now my ex is upset.”

A: I’ll start with the assumption that you have joint legal decision making custody.

If you didn’t consult your ex, then you are in violation of a court order regardless of whether the child is with you 90% of the time, or even if you did the right thing.  Judge’s don’t like it when you disobey court orders.

Your best course of action would be modifying and getting an order making it possible for your child to go to school.  It is worth bringing up to the judge that the child is with you most of the time.


Please note this is not to be considered legal advice.  This is general legal information.

Original script from Divorce Navigator Workshop#11:  Finding An Attorney.

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