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Category: Documents

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Your Evidence Organizer

How should you organize all of your information for a divorce trial or court date? You definitely DON’T want to bring in stacks of paper stuffed in different envelopes or manila folders. Knowing where to

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Do I Need A Pre-Nup? (Q&A)

Do I Need A Pre-Nup? How do you know if you need a prenuptial agreement and why would you even want one? What is a prenuptial agreement? Is it something I should do before I

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How Do I Change My Last Name

Q. I want to change my last name? Is that possible? A. Yes. It is actually a very simple process in getting your last name changed. You can also request for your minor child(ren)’s name

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Pretrial Statement Example

Question: I am representing myself due to finances and I think I am doing a pretty good job. We have a trial coming up and I just received something from the Court asking for a

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Trial Preparation and Trial

You began preparing for trial back at step one when you determined your objectives. You continued preparing for trial when you outlined which issues applied to you and when you took the time to identify

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