Child Custody as Part of a Marriage Dissolution in Mesa

The best thing a parent can do when handling child custody as part of a marriage dissolution in Mesa is to focus on their kids. Many parents can fall into the trap of focusing on the other party during divorce, which usually results in unnecessary conflict. When one person takes a dig and the other engages, that can take away from the important issue of making sure your child’s needs are met. While parents should be able to communicate and make recommendations to each other, their critique should be related to the best interests of their kids.

It is helpful to begin by stating some of the things that the other parent does well, because family court judges rarely hear positive things about the other parent. Starting on a positive note helps set you apart and shows that you are operating in good faith and that not everything you say about the other parent is negative. This helps establish that you have concerns, and sharing the positive attributes of the opposing party helps legitimize those concerns.

However, it is most important to keep the focus on your child and how the facts of your case impact them. An experienced child custody attorney from our firm could help you control the narrative in court, because a parent’s time to share their concerns with the judge is limited. Often, those who represent themselves spend too much time talking about things that are not as relevant as other factors to the judge. We can help you identify and prioritize the issues so you get the most benefit out of your time in court.

Child Custody Laws

Arizona Revised Statutes §25-403 states that everything a family law court does with respect to custody must revolve around the best interests of the child in question. This law identifies the framework the courts must use to determine what is in the best interests of the child in terms of a custody arrangement. Presenting evidence, managing your time, prioritizing what is important, and telling your story with applicable laws in mind are all things that an attorney can help with.

Court Jurisdiction

Child custody arrangements must be established in court, and it is imperative for one party to hold the other accountable if they do not follow through with the agreement or order. For example, if one parent decides they will no longer follow the agreement and will only give the other parent custody every other weekend, it helps to have a legally binding document to refer to.

Without a court order, a parent cannot go to the police or to court claiming their rights have been violated because their rights were never established.

It is important to establish your custody arrangement in the Mesa family court as part of your marriage dissolution so you can rely on it and hold the other parent accountable if they deviate from the agreement. While it is possible to have a child-sharing arrangement without a court order, both parties would be operating on each other’s good faith, and any deviations from the agreement would be impossible to litigate.

Ask an Attorney for Help with Establishing Child Custody as Part of a Marriage Dissolution in Mesa

Those who do independent research on child custody, decision-making, or parenting time may get a lot of misinformation because state law does not use the word “custody.” If someone is unfamiliar with child custody and they do not possess a firm understanding of local laws, the information they find online might not be relevant to their particular case.

To ensure that you approach child custody as part of a marriage dissolution in Mesa in the best way possible, you should consult with an attorney who is familiar with the court process, knows the judges in this jurisdiction, and understands how the law will be applied to your proceedings specifically. Call us today to get started.