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Losing Weight After a Divorce

Many men and women tend to gain weight after they get married. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with putting on a little weight as long as you remain healthy. However, a lot of people who get

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Bipolar disorder and divorce
Bi-Polar Disorder and Divorce

Bi-Polar Disorder and Divorce All mental illness effects divorce but Bi-Polar Disorder and Divorce can be a terrible combination. This must be managed carefully and with intention. Some parents are unable to have unsupervised parenting

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Divorce Lawyer Mesa
Borderline Personality Disorder and Divorce

Borderline Personality Disorder and Divorce Divorce or co-parenting is hard without mental illness. If you or the other parent has Borderline Personality Disorder, divorce is more likely and co parenting gets even more complicated. Borderline

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Divorce, Anxiety and RAD
Divorce and Anxiety, PTSD, and RAD

Divorce and Anxiety, PTSD, and RAD Another common group of mental health conditions that have an impact on divorce and custody, and vice versa, are anxiety, PTSD, and RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). These conditions cause

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