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How to Pack a Moving Truck

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Many clients facing a divorce must move their residences. This post “How to Pack a Moving Truck” is courtesy of the professionals at Desert Storage!

How to Pack a Moving Truck 

1. First, make sure you rent a truck that’s 10% larger than you think you need

  • You will be surprised at how quickly these trucks can fill up
  • Especially if you’ve lived in a home for a long period of time

2. Make sure you have more than enough pads and straps to protect items from damage

  • Some truck rentals provide it for free with the truck, so make sure to check

3. Start with your heaviest boxes by stacking them vertically along the back of the truck

  • Continue stacking by keeping your largest boxes on the bottom and the most fragile on top
  • Depending on how many boxes you have, you may need to create 2-3 layers of these stacked boxes

4. As you’re loading items on the truck, be mindful of how you distribute the weight

  • Heavy items should be distributed equally across the truck

5. Now, fill in any remaining holes with items that don’t stack well

  • (think curtain rods, cushions or odd-shaped decorations)
  • Strap everything down securely to prevent a box avalanche

6. If you’re storing any bed frames, this is a good place to pack them

  • By strapping them toward the back of the truck, you can secure your first layers of boxes.

7. Next, lay down a blanket or pad to protect your mattresses and box springs

  • Store them vertically against the longest wall of the truck
  • After strapping them to the wall, slide any mirrors or glass pieces between two mattresses. This will protect them from damage during the move.

8. Now, pack your couches vertically with their feet facing the wall of the truck

  • Remove cushions and strap to the longest wall of the truck
  • This is a good place to pack dressers as you can place them in between the couches and protect with a blanket
  • Use the cushions to fill any empty spaces

9. You can follow with any other furniture pieces, like tables, chairs or sofas

  • This is where the jigsaw puzzle begins!
  • If packing a table is difficult, consider removing the legs before packing
  • Pay close attention to where you can take advantage of any remaining space

10. Finally, pack all of your heavy appliances in last

  • This way they can easily be unloaded and packed in your storage unit first
  • You should tape down any appliance doors and wrap fragile finishes (like stainless steel) in blankets
  • When you tape your fridge doors, place a spacer in between to allow air circulation


Do you have experience with packing a moving truck? Are there any steps you take that we didn’t mention? Please go to the comments section below and share your experience.
If you have more questions about how to safely pack up your things or you want to take advantage of our free moving truck (with straps, pads and a dolly), visit a Desert Storage location or use our contact page to speak with a storage expert today.

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