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Don’t call us if…

divorce lawyers in peoria

Dear Client,

Don’t call us if you are looking to avoid paying child support at all costs, to screw your ex by running up attorney bills, and looking for ways to hide money, please don’t call us. If you are looking for experienced and professional attorneys who will guide you through a difficult process to a fair and favorable outcome, then you have found your law firm.
Our clients have typically been married for a long time. They don’t want to get a divorce, they simply can’t avoid it any longer. Our clients loved their life, their children, and their spouse for many years. They have worked hard to create a life together and to save money. They have avoided divorce for as long as possible and now it is time. They want an attorney who will guide them through the process and protect their interests. They want what is fair and right. They want to work with a lawyer who knows the law and will advocate for their interests, but will tell them the hard truth.
When you work with Modern Law you are more than just a number. We limit our attorney caseloads, so that clients receive the service and prompt responses that they need. Our attorneys love what they do and practice exclusively family law. We work with financial experts to value and divide your accounts fairly and favorably. We look at the tax consequences of divorce and ways to minimize your tax liability moving forward.
Modern law is successful in settling 90% of cases, because our clients are reasonable, responsible, and understand the risks of going to trial. When you hire Modern Law, you become part of our team. We work with you to devise a strategy and to identify and collect the documents and evidence that we need. We study both the opposing party the opposing attorney as well as the assigned judge. When all the information is gathered, we put together a settlement offer the opposing side cannot refuse because it is backed by all of the evidence and the work we have done.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about Modern Law. Now we want to learn about you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.
We look forward to working with you.
Billie Tarascio
Managing Member
Modern Law
Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona

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