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A Fresh Voice for Gilbert: Nathalie DiBernardo’s Run for Mayor

Big changes could be coming to the town of Gilbert, Arizona. Nathalie DiBernardo, a long-time resident, has thrown her hat into the ring for the upcoming mayoral election. As a working mother deeply rooted in the community, Nathalie brings a fresh perspective that aims to bridge the growing gap between Gilbert’s current leadership and the town’s booming population of young families.

In a candid interview on the Modern Divorce podcast, Nathalie opened up about her motivations for running and her vision for Gilbert’s future. Her words painted a picture of a candidate in touch with the daily realities and evolving needs of the community she hopes to lead.


Why is Nathalie Running?

At the core of Nathalie’s campaign is a conviction that Gilbert’s current leadership no longer adequately reflects the demographics it serves. As she puts it, “The town has changed so much in the last decade, with an influx of young families, but our leadership remains rooted in the past. There’s a real disconnect between the people making decisions for Gilbert and the realities of those living here day-to-day.”

For Nathalie, the driving force behind her run for mayor is both professional and deeply personal. As a mother raising her children in Gilbert, she experiences first-hand the impact of local policies on families. From tax increases straining household budgets to traffic snarls making the morning commute a headache, Nathalie’s campaign is fueled by a desire to be the voice for her community at the decision-making table.

How is Nathalie Different?

In a crowded field of candidates, Nathalie sets herself apart with a community-centric approach shaped by authentic, on-the-ground perspective. Unlike career politicians, her viewpoints aren’t filtered through the lens of party politics or personal ambition, but by the realities playing out on Gilbert’s streets and in its neighborhoods each day.

“I’m not a politician – I’m a resident, just like you,” Nathalie states. “When I see issues like irresponsible development putting a strain on our infrastructure, or I worry about my kids’ safety getting to and from school with all the traffic, those concerns come from a real place of experiencing this town’s growing pains first-hand.”

This hyper-local focus extends to Nathalie’s campaign philosophy as well. Where other candidates may prioritize political maneuvering and party-line voting, she emphasizes active engagement with citizens over partisan politics. By directly involving residents in important decision-making processes, Nathalie hopes to rebuild a culture of collaboration between local government and the people it serves.

Addressing the Challenges of Growth

Like many towns in the booming Phoenix metropolitan area, Gilbert has undergone rapid expansion in recent years. With that growth come significant challenges that Nathalie is determined to take head-on as mayor. Chief among them is a need for responsible development policies.

“We can’t keep going the way we’re going, approving major residential and commercial projects without considering their impact on our infrastructure, traffic patterns, and public services,” she cautions. “Growth is great, but we need to make sure we’re developing in a way that respects the town’s current capabilities and involves community input every step of the way.”

Hand-in-hand with measured development comes a heightened focus on traffic management and public safety. Nathalie envisions a multi-pronged strategy of intelligent urban planning, potential infrastructure upgrades where needed, and increased resources for emergency responders – all with a goal of ensuring Gilbert remains a safe, family-friendly community despite its rapid expansion.

Getting Back to Community Engagement

At the heart of Nathalie’s vision for Gilbert lies an ethos of open communication and civic engagement. She proposes a series of proactive measures to keep community voices at the forefront, such as:

  • Study Sessions: Regularly scheduled open forums where members of the town council and local residents can engage in a free-flowing exchange of ideas, feedback, and proposed solutions on important issues.
  • Police and School Resource Assessment: A comprehensive review of staffing and funding needs for both educational institutions and law enforcement, aimed at ensuring these critical public services have the resources to meet Gilbert’s security and safety requirements as the population grows.

A Unifying Leadership Style

Nathalie’s aspirations for the mayor’s office go beyond policy points. She envisions a civic leadership role rooted in principles of inclusive representation, professional conduct, and a cooperative spirit of community service.

“I’ll be a mayor for all of Gilbert, not just certain neighborhoods or voting blocs,” Nathalie affirms. “I want to foster a climate of mutual respect, where all voices are valued and heard. The way I see it, the mayor should be a unifying force that brings people together around our shared loves of family, community, and this wonderful town we all call home.”

That ethos of unity and respect extends to Nathalie’s hoped-for working dynamic with the town council itself. Citing frequent instances of rancor and lack of decorum at recent council meetings, she advocates for raising the bar of professionalism. “The town council chamber should model the level of respectful public discourse we want to see in the community,” she states. “We’re there to serve the people, not score political points through personal attacks or disruptive behavior.”

Get Involved with the Campaign

As Nathalie DiBernardo’s grassroots campaign for Mayor of Gilbert gathers momentum, she and her team invite all residents to get involved and be part of the movement.

The campaign website at nathalieforgillbert.com serves as a hub for detailed information on Nathalie’s policy platform, upcoming town hall events where she’ll share her vision, and ways for supporters to volunteer or donate.

Perhaps most importantly, Nathalie urges Gilbert’s citizens to participate in the civic process by attending town council meetings and making their voices heard. “These are the discussions that will shape Gilbert’s future,” she reminds us. “If you care about responsible growth, public safety, sustainable tax policies, and preserving the wonderful family-friendly character of this town, then show up and engage. That’s how we’ll inspire real positive change.”

With Nathalie DiBernardo’s name on the ballot, Gilbert voters will have a chance to opt for new leadership truly rooted in and reflecting the community it serves. As the campaign pushes forward, all eyes are on this fresh voice and her resonant call for a brighter, more collaborative future for the town.

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