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Christina McGhee on Transforming Divorce into a Positive Transition for Families

Divorce is often seen as an end, but Christina McGhee, a seasoned parenting coach and divorce expert, views it as a critical turning point. On the Modern Divorce Podcast, Christina shares how early intervention and the right strategies can significantly alter the divorce experience, making it less traumatic for children and more manageable for parents.


Christina McGhee’s Approach to Divorce and Parenting

Christina McGhee brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the challenging transitions families face during divorce. With experience in both one-on-one and joint co-parenting sessions, Christina extends her expertise beyond immediate family dynamics to include training for professionals like family lawyers and mental health experts. Her core belief is clear: divorce doesn’t have to be devastating.

Early Support Makes a Big Difference

Christina emphasizes the importance of getting support to parents as soon as possible. This early intervention can profoundly impact children’s well-being and the overall adjustment of the family to new circumstances. She shares a personal anecdote that even as a divorce professional, her child had a different perspective on their family’s divorce, highlighting the complex emotional landscapes children navigate during these times.

Key Strategies for Parents in the Midst of Divorce

  1. Open Communication: Encourage your children to express their feelings about the divorce openly. It’s crucial for parents to not only allow but validate their children’s emotions without necessarily agreeing with their viewpoints.
  2. Avoiding Parental Alienation: Christina discusses the delicate balance parents must maintain to avoid the pitfalls of alienation. It’s essential for children to understand that they don’t have to choose sides or manage their parents’ emotional states.
  3. Consistent and Calm Reassurance: Kids need consistency and reassurance that they can discuss their feelings about the divorce freely. This helps them feel secure and understood, rather than having to suppress their emotions to keep peace.

Long-Term Perspective on Co-Parenting

Christina argues that divorce is not a single event but a long-term change that will continually evolve. She advises that discussions about divorce are not one-time conversations but ongoing dialogues that will adapt as children grow and family dynamics change.

Utilizing Professional Help

The podcast highlights the importance of professional guidance in navigating high-conflict divorces, particularly when one parent is dealing with issues like addiction or mental health. Christina notes that she often works more frequently with one parent in these situations, helping them to foster a stable environment for their children amidst the turmoil.


Christina McGhee’s insights remind us that while divorce marks a significant change, it doesn’t signify the end of family unity. With the right support and strategies, families can transition into new structures that support the well-being and growth of all members, particularly the children who are most affected.

Engage with Christina McGhee’s Work

For those interested in learning more from Christina or accessing her resources, visit her website, DivorceAndChildren.com, where she offers a comprehensive free resource guide for co-parents. This guide is a valuable tool for anyone navigating the complexities of divorce and seeking to protect and prioritize their children’s best interests.

Christina McGhee’s thoughtful approach to divorce as a transformation rather than an end offers a hopeful perspective for families navigating these challenging waters.

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