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What’s “The Forum”? Introducing Arizona Family Law Forum

Access Legal presents the AZ family law forum

Wouldn’t it be great if there were somewhere you could go to connect with other people going through a family law case right here in Maricopa County?
We thought so.
Our long term plan is to create a private forum within Access Legal for you to create a username and connect with others online. For now, we have created a private Facebook page called the Arizona Family Law forum. This is a place for you to vent about your case, meet others going through this similarly stressful situation, talk strategy, discuss judges and more. Your posts will not be visible to those outside the group and will not show up on your status or your wall. You will need a Facebook account to join.
Are you interested in sharing your story? Access Legal is looking for guest bloggers who can share their story, insight and ideas about the family law system. The Access Legal site is specifically designed for people representing themselves. Shockingly, the vast majority of family law litigants are self represented, so it is about time we started offering more support and resources to the self represented family law litigants in Arizona. You can help empower people going through this difficult time and process by joining the forum and being a guest blogger.
Access Legal has launched a new user-interface and wizard software system designed to make the use of the document automation software easier than ever. Let us know what you think of the website.
Write Access Legal directly at docs@accesslegaldocs.com to inquire about the forum or becoming a guest blogger.

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