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Kat DeRubbio named May 2023 Employee of the Month

We are proud to celebrate our teammate, Kat DeRubbio as Modern Law’s May 2023 Employee of the Month. Kat embodies our core value of optimism, which is a commitment to a hopeful and confident attitude toward the future or the success of a particular outcome. This approach is key to facing issues with a positive outlook and believing that the best possible outcome can be achieved. By choosing to focus on the potential for success, Kat’s commitment to optimism leads to better outcomes for both herself and our clients. As Modern Law’s first Billing Resources Manager, her journey to this position is one that reflects her positive attitude and willingness to learn. After almost five years in the banking industry and 10 years in collections, Kat was looking for a career change that would allow her to combine her collections skills and creative mindset into a tool for her new niche. She found Modern Law to be the perfect place to gain experience and make connections while pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice.

Growing up on the beautiful island of Guam, Kat learned early on the value of diversity and the strength it brings. She experienced racism growing up, but instead of being discouraged by it, she learned that diversity is beautiful and grew stronger for living through it. Her family moved to Texas after she graduated from Notre Dame High School, and there she met the love of her life just a few months later. Kat’s professional superpower is her ability to make people feel heard. She understands that listening, understanding, and validation are necessary for positive interaction and healing. Many times, people only listen to respond, not to understand that the speaker has a purpose. Kat hears you and wants to help in any way she can. She accepts the challenge of learning something new and is always ready to talk to past and present clients to help them get where they need to go.Kat’s colleagues appreciate her contribution to Modern Law and the optimism she brings to her job. One colleague nominates her by saying, “I nominate Kat because she approaches each and every meeting and client interaction with optimism that they can figure out how to get us paid together. Her job is incredibly difficult, yet, she does it cheerfully and optimistically. I truly appreciate her contribution to Modern Law.” Another colleague adds, “Kat is one of the most pleasant people you will work with at Modern Law, and her job is to get people at the firm paid – sometimes a hard task and under-appreciated. She does so with optimism, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and is hopeful that things will work out. All while making you smile and going above and beyond to help you!”

Kat’s positive attitude and commitment to optimism are contagious and have a ripple effect on everyone around her. She inspires us to face challenges with a positive outlook and believes that the best possible outcome can be achieved. We are grateful for her contributions to our team, and we celebrate her as our Employee of the Month.

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