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Want to review Modern Law?

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Want to review Modern Law?
Online reviews are very important to clients. If you are interested in reviewing Modern Law online, you have several options. Which should you choose? What should you say? Is there anything you should avoid saying? Yes, this quick article will let you know your options and some quick dos and don’t when reviewing attorneys online.
Options for posting reviews include Yelp, Avvo, Google+, Facebook and more.
Where you should post really depends on where you frequently travel online. If you are a frequent yelper, your yelp review would be very valuable to Modern Law. The reason is that Yelp has the strictest filter settings. We have more than 10 yelp reviews, but only one appears visible to the public. Many positive reviews are filtered as “suspect” while negative reviews are assumed to be truthful. Yikes. What’s more, when people ask Siri for information, she tells them what she finds on Yelp. To post on yelp, click here: Yelp, search Modern Law, and post a review!
Google +
Google + started out to be a competitor of Facebook. While it hasn’t really turned into a power house social media platform, it is still important for online searching. If you have a gmail account, it couldn’t be easier, you don’t even leave google’s browser. Simply google “Modern Law Reviews.” You will then see our other reviews and the button where you can leave your review. Here is a short-cut in case you can’t find it. Google+
We would really appreciate your review on google!
Avvo is an online platform that exists for the purpose of reviewing individual lawyers, not law firms. When I’m looking at opposing counsels that I’m not familiar with, I look to Avvo. Avvo is great because it gives us information about how long the lawyer has been practicing, what areas of law they do, whether they have been published or have been used in speaking engagements, and, whether they have ever had any disciplinary history! To review a lawyer on Avvo, click here: Avvo Reviews
These are the three major platforms worth explaining, there are countless others and regardless of where you choose to post, we really appreciate the time and effort it takes to post a review. It helps our firm, your lawyer, and future clients. Not every client is a good fit for us, the faster we, and the client, can determine if we are a good match, the better for all of us!
But, what should I say?
Here are a few things you should NOT say.

  1. Please do not say anything that isn’t true! It is very important that the reviews be an accurate reflection of our work for you. We truly appreciate your commitment and support, but we in no way want you to state anything that isn’t true.
  2. There are certain buzzwords that can get lawyers in trouble. Guaranteed results or comparative statements that might not be true can cause lawyers to face disciplinary action. So, please don’t say:
  • “My lawyer got me a $1.5 million divorce settlement and she can get one for you.”
  • “This is the best law firm ever- no one else will be able to help you.”

Many sites allow you to post anonymously or with just your initials so you can protect your privacy. Try and be specific not to your case but to your experience with the lawyer or firm. Were they fun to work with? Responsive? Compassionate? Was your lawyer prompt and helped you feel prepared? Did you always feel informed and respected? Were the bills and pricing strategies fair, straightforward and transparent? What was the attorney’s style during litigation and mediation and how did it affect your case? These are just a few examples of what you might want to post. For examples of what others have posted, you can look here:
Google+ Modern Law Reviews
Thank you for working with us. We truly appreciate your business and the opportunity to work with you on your case. Your willingness to share your experience online is humbling.
Just because your case is over, doesn’t mean you have to be a stranger. Keep in touch! Add us to your Christmas card list. Let us know how things progress.

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