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What Can You Do About The Cost of Divorce?

How Can You Cut the Costs of Divorce by Modern Law

You know that getting a divorce is the best thing for your life, and you want to go through with it. However, when you start to think about the costs of divorce, it can feel daunting. You hear stories about people paying tens of thousands of dollars to get divorced, and the cost of divorce might make you feel as if there is no easy way out for you.

However, you have to remember that there is a wide range when it comes to what people pay when they are getting divorced. It’s often based on the complexity of the case. The average amount per person is roughly $20,000. However, it doesn’t have to be quite that high. In many cases, it can be brought down substantially—even to around $6,500.

This is because there are other options available that can help to cut the costs. Good attorneys are not trying to gouge their clients. They are trying to help people survive the divorce process in one piece. This includes the cost of the divorce. Even though the average per couple might be $40,000 for a divorce, some people can do it for as little as $500—even less in some cases.

What Makes for a Low-Cost Divorce?

What is it that brings some divorce costs down so much? Typically, the low-cost divorces will be simpler. It will be a divorce where there are not any children involved, and when you do not have any property that would need to be split between you and your ex. They also happen when you and your ex don’t disagree on anything that would have to be negotiated or litigated. This would be a relatively easy divorce.

The lowest divorce costs occur when you are not using an attorney, as well. There are tools you can use to go through a divorce on your own without an attorney. However, you may want to choose that option only for when you have an “easy” divorce where the factors above are true.

What If Things Aren’t That Easy?

While it would be great if everyone could agree and get through a divorce without a lot of fuss, we know that this isn’t the case. Most of the time, other circumstances will make the divorce more complicated, and therefore more expensive. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. There are still some ways that you can cut down on the cost of your divorce.

One of the midrange options is to use a certified legal document preparer to handle much of the work that an attorney might normally do. You could also opt to use a limited scope attorney for your case, which can be a great way to save some money.

A limited scope attorney would help with certain elements of your case, but not all of it. They might help with drafting pleadings or dealing with other paperwork. You and the attorney will agree that the attorney will handle certain aspects of your case, and you will handle others. For example, they could handle the paperwork, but you would represent yourself at the hearings.

You and the attorney can work out who will handle the different aspects of your case based on how much you can afford. This reduces the amount it will cost to hire the attorney, but you will still have their guidance in those areas where it will be needed.

What About Handling It All on Your Own?

There are many things that you can do on your own, including visiting idoover.life, where you can find a wide range of legal prep documents, which you can do yourself. You can also find articles and resources that can provide you with more information on different aspects of the divorce process, how to handle divorce, and much more.

Will it be more difficult to go through the divorce without the help of an attorney? It can be, and it can take up more of your time. However, with the right resources and the right attitude, you can get through the process.

Rather than jumping straight into your case, it is always better to take the time to research the proper information first. Consider all of the various factors that will affect your case. This might be children and custody, it could be the separation of assets, splitting a business, etc. Each divorce is different. Write down all of the relevant information and then learn what you need to do to proceed on your own.

When You Do Need an Attorney

Of course, there may be times when going alone is not the best solution for you. In cases where your ex has an attorney working for them, it can be intimidating to try to go up against them yourself. You might also get to the point where you find that there is simply too much information to handle on your own, and you get frustrated. If that’s the case, it’s generally best to consult with an attorney. Remember, you can use a limited scope attorney to help cut your costs.

Additionally, you can find ways to make it more affordable to work with an attorney. Rather than calling them or emailing them for each question that pops into your mind, make a list of several questions or concerns, so you can ask them all in the same session. This way, you will only be billed once, not each time you contact and consult with your attorney. This can help you to save quite a bit of money.

If you find that you do need to work with a lawyer, find an expert family law attorney in your area. Learn more about what they and their team and bring to the table and be clear with them about your budget. They will try to find a way that they can help you with your case and that fits into your financial constraints if possible.

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