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Mask Policy For Modern Law

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I have yet another update on our office policies. So the last time that I updated our office policies to deal with COVID-19 or to address that issue was March. I think the end of March. And so obviously we know a lot more now than we did then. And in March, our policies were that we were closing the office to walk-in appointments. We were spacing appointments out and, and we were encouraging Zoom (teleconferencing) videos.
Now we know that many offices are requiring masks. And we also know that, the spread or the potential spread of COVID-19 is larger if you’re having a conversation or if you’re talking loudly. So because of that, we really want to move from encouraging meetings to occur via zoom, to strongly, strongly encouraging meetings, to occur via Zoom.
So for anyone who comes into the office, it’s still by appointment only. But also we are asking that all of our clients who come in for in-person meetings wear a mask and we’re requiring our employees to do so as well. I know that this is not comfortable and not always the best option for people, but that’s why we really do have the technology available, for video meetings.
And if you find yourself at home, and unable to use this technology, you can use it with a smart phone. We use Zoom, so you can use your smartphone, or you can use a computer like a Mac or something else. But if for some reason that doesn’t work, you can also come into an office and use one of our offices and meet with your attorney via zoom, which allows face to face contact. Personally, I find face to face contact, being able to see one another and read lips to be very important.
So I’m strongly encouraging everyone to really take advantage of our video policies. and, and we’ve been doing this for the last six weeks and it’s working really, really well, but if you’re uncertain or if you, want to talk through that, let us know.
I’ll tell you that the courts are back operating and things are moving at the same speed that they were before. The COVID-19 issue. The difference is that most things are now occurring via video. So things are getting more efficient, and changing, even though the lockdowns gone, the courts are still using video for most of their hearings. And I’ve got a separate video for you on what to expect and how to prepare for a video hearing, if you have a family court case coming up.

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