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Parenting During Covid

Home Schooling Mom and daughter

I hope that your school year is off to a good start. I will be honest. Mine has been a little rough. I have four kiddos. They are all the way from starting kindergarten to a sophomore in high school. And online school has been fine for the teenagers, but much more difficult for the little ones, especially Julia who started kindergarten.
So my, I just really feel for you.  The parents, the kids, the teachers, the back-to-school thing has been really, really rough this year. I hope that you’re making the best of parenting during Covid and getting as much as you possibly can in value out of it.
Now, if you’re co-parenting and if you have kiddos who are going back and forth from two houses, it’s even harder because your kids, you have to develop a routine that works for each house, and you have to communicate between houses.

Who’s in charge of day-to-day school responsibilities?

So what’s going on with schooling? Now, especially for younger kids, that’s going to create a whole lot of strain on parents.  Figuring out who’s going to buy materials, which materials are going back and forth, how to turn in assignments on, on which day.  It’s just creating a lot of problems for those of us trying to master parenting during Covid.
And it’s no wonder that we’re seeing a whole lot of of issues come up with regards to school and legal decision-making issues, legal decision making issues surrounding should a child go back to school or not. It’s coming up almost every day. And so if you’ve got joint legal decision making and you and your ex are not agreeing about whether or not your children should go back to school, you’re not alone. And this is something that we’re seeing every day.
The other thing that we’re seeing is the divorce boom that we predicted when the pandemic hit, divorces are up about 20 percent nationally as people’s marriages crumble under the pressure of what we have been enduring for the last six months.

You’re Not Alone

So if you’re going through that again, you’re not alone. I don’t have good news, except that you’re not alone. And we’re, we’re meeting with people all the time and talking to people all the time and the courts are working in favor of individuals and couples parenting during Covid. The courts are online, the courts are functioning.
Trials are happening, cases are moving forward. And in many cases, people are able to divorce, amicably and walk away in a better situation than they were crumbling under the pressure cooker of a bad marriage during quarantine and social distancing. So hang in there. I hope things are going okay for you. There’s another video that I’d like you to really watch. If you are preparing for divorce and you’re high income, or you have a lot of assets, there’s a lot of very interesting things happening with high income couples right now. So check out that video for sure.

Adding a Therapist to Our Team

And then the last announcement that I have, and I’ll probably do a separate video on this, but the last announcement I have is that Modern Law is looking for therapists to hire, to be available for clients and children of clients who are going through divorce, who are post-divorced, who are trying to figure out how to adjust to life post-divorce, or during a separation or help their kids adjust. So if you know a therapist, if you know anybody who is looking for work and might be interested in working for Modern Law, please reach out to me. Thank you, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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