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Is Your Attorney Well Trained?

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In the often unpredictable world of family law, the ability to think on your feet and handle unexpected challenges is crucial. A recent training for Modern Law attorneys at their company retreat turned into a real-life last-minute win for a client who needed help.

The Training Exercise

Attorney Billie Tarascio and the Modern Law team worked through a high-pressure training exercise designed to sharpen their trial skills. The exercise involved giving the lawyers a hypothetical, yet messy, case file and only 30 minutes to prepare. Despite the initial resistance and anxiety expressed by some, the senior lawyers insisted that everyone could handle the challenge.

This exercise was more than just a drill; it was a realistic simulation of what can happen in the real world with your case. Sometimes, clients hire lawyers at the last minute, with a trial scheduled the next day. The ability to quickly adapt and prepare for trial is a valuable skill that every family law attorney should possess.

Real-World Application

The training proved to be invaluable when one of the attorneys, Malia, faced a similar real-world situation shortly after the exercise. Malia was approached by a client who needed representation in a trial the very next day. Drawing on her experience during the retreat, Malia took on the case without hesitation.

She met with the client and the opposing attorney, both of whom had also been hired recently. Through skillful negotiation, they were able to settle all but two issues. For the remaining issues, they agreed to a continuance, providing the client with much-needed relief and satisfaction.

Lessons Learned

This story underscores several key lessons for someone looking for a competent family law practitioner:

1.     Preparation is Key:

Regular training and practice, even in simulated environments, can significantly boost an attorney’s ability to handle real-world cases effectively. The training exercise at the retreat ensured that the lawyers were ready to face unexpected challenges. Ask your potential attorney if they get regular training of this type.
2.     Confidence in Skills:

Confidence plays a vital role in legal representation. Malia’s willingness to take on a last-minute trial demonstrated her confidence in her skills and training. This confidence not only helped her perform well but also instilled trust in her client.
3.     Negotiation and Settlement:

Effective negotiation can resolve many issues before they escalate to full-blown trials. Malia’s ability to negotiate and settle most of the issues showed her competence and resourcefulness, ultimately benefiting her client.
4.     Team Support:

Having a supportive team and mentors can make a significant difference. The encouragement from experienced lawyers like Billie helped the team feel more equipped to handle high-pressure situations.

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